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Braga Benfica Live Match 1 Quarter-finals

Braga Benfica Live Match 1 Quarter-finals

Game summary

It’s a case of saying that the best has been saved for the second part! a Benfica It entered more dynamic in the supplementary stage, calculated on A. Sylvester Ferrara Very inspiring, he scored select goals and in the end the result smiled at Lisbon (1-4). The Eagles put themselves at an advantage in a draw after successfully defeating SC Braga in the first match of the Liga Placard de futsal quarter-finals.

The match started very smoothly. Both teams presented themselves with traction in search of First victory in the quarter-finals. So as not to be in The first fiveAnd the Crocodile He was instrumental in the opening goal, which happened to 3 ‘. The powerful Axle fought for the move, did not give up, stole the ball in an advanced area and threw a low shot, however, the shot was skewed in Vitor Hugo’s leg and left for Chishkala. Without pressure and with the Braga Guardian out of the game, the Jacket 11 Of the Eagles did not encounter any difficulties and pushed the left leg to 0-1.

Goal: 0-1

Minho wasn’t shy, they tried to answer and it ended up tied for 9 ‘. Rapid transfer, Bruno Sintra advanced through the middle, distributed on the right lane and Serginho initially hit the left foot towards the bottom of the goal. The ball is still hitting the left post before kissing the red net (1-1).

Goal: 1-1

Such as the Eagles They felt the goal of Braga, they struggled against SC Braga and couldn’t catch up. Joel Rocha She realized this situation and quickly assembled the troops, asking for a time discount. I woke up red, and in the next step, Tayebi It could have wreaked havoc. The Iranian winger / pivot faced the opponent from the right, stepped inside, overcame the mark and fired with his left foot, however, Vitor Hugo had quick reactions and managed to block the shot with his right foot.

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The Eagles kept pressing and delivering moments of high-tech quality. Robinho He started the play in the 18th minute, placing the ball on the opposite side, Chishkala Do the simulation, let it go and Afonso JesusUnprepared, he shot an arc towards the top right corner of the goal, however, once again, Vitor Hugo denied his intentions with a subtle touch with his left hand. At rest: 1-1.

Part One Summary

At the start of the match, the Eagles soon had a chance to bring danger to the opposite goal. Vitor Hugo, field player, was shot down Tayebi When he was dismissed and the referee showed a yellow card. In sequence, Arthur Failed to convert a free kick into a goal. The ball went over the bar. It was not through free direct, it was through The magic of Sylvester Ferrara. Benfica player who recently Renewed contract Such as Club lightHe took a rabbit out of his hat and made it The goal that left Braga’s players on the field From the sports wing of the University of Minho. The player advanced down the left lane, and when everyone was waiting for a pass inside, he shot low towards the lower right corner (1-2 At 25 ‘).

Goal: 1-2

Satanic, It didn’t take long even Sylvester returns to “shake” the game and reappear. Jersey 2 was the service flasher! The play began, CrocodileThe axle was fixed, turned to the left, saw the second post, and Sylvester Ferrera had to stop (1-3 to me 26 ‘).

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Goal: 1-3

The beautiful goals did not stop Benfica took the opportunity to win. free, Robinho Play for Thiago BrittoNumber 6 subject for area entry and Chishkala Shot to count. How did we play well at this point (1-4 to me 27 ‘).

Goal: 1-4

Six and a half minutes ago, SC Braga started playing with an advanced goalkeeper. Miguel Angelo took the role and Braga tried to shorten the distances, but to no avail. Benfica is under controlAnd the Easily managed And won Game 1 Act Hem. The final result: 1-4.

a Game 2 The quarter-finals will be played in Light wing. In eliminating the best Three games, Eagles at advantage (1-0And if necessary, they would still have the opportunity to fight the “black people” in their stronghold.


Joel Rocha (Benfica Coach): Benfica was stronger in 40 minutes. Benfica was a great personality. We knew how to realize the advantages of SC Braga, but in the first half, although the result in the first half was a draw, we were better. A consistent second half and this is a fair win.

Sylvester Ferrara (Benfica): “First of all, I would like to congratulate our team. We did two very good parts, it was 40 minutes high and now we have to recover for the next game. In the second half we put more strength into the match and things came naturally.”

Club Braga Benfica
Minho University Sports Pavilion
The top five for Benfica
Diego Roncalio, Robinho, Afonso Jesus, Chishkala and Tibi
André Correa, Silvestre Ferreira, Fabio Cecilio, Thiago Brito, Arthur, Nelson and Jacquary
At break 1-1
Scorers for Benfica
Chishkala (3 ‘and 27’) and Sylvester Ferreira (25 ‘and 26’)
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