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Braga Hospital encourages theater workshops for epilepsy patients

Braga Hospital encourages theater workshops for epilepsy patients

The activity led by teacher Sandra Ribeiro stimulates memory and attention.

The Neurology Service at Hospital de Braga promotes theater sessions with the aim of stimulating users’ memory and attention Epilepsy. The initiative, organized by Sandra Ribeiro, began on November 4 and will take place on November 10 and 18 in the amphitheater of the Braga Health Unit.

He announced in a press release that the activities last for an hour and are expressed in voice and body through the creativity of performances. The initiative aims to “explore their emotions in a therapeutic way, providing them with a greater ability to cope with the challenges that epilepsy can present on a daily basis.”

“The project promotes, above all, inclusion, awareness and self-expression, and provides a safe and appropriate environment for people with epilepsy to explore artistic landscapes and challenge stigmas,” said project coordinator and neurologist at Hospital de Braga, Celia Machado. He also adds that the project allows users to “explore their emotions in a therapeutic way.”

Epilepsy is a mental illness that manifests itself through epileptic seizures. The disease directly affects the cognitive area of ​​the brain associated with memory, attention deficit, and the emotional area, which contributes to an increased tendency to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

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