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Brazil bids farewell to Elsa Soares, "The Voice of the Millennium" - Showbiz

Brazil bids farewell to Elsa Soares, “The Voice of the Millennium” – Showbiz

To applause from members of the samba school Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel – which honored the artist at the 2020 Carnival – friends, fans and family, Elza Gomes da Conceição, named after singer Elza Soares, were unveiled Friday morning at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro.

The owner of one of the strongest sounds of samba, bossa nova and Brazilian folk music (MPB), Elsa Soares’ career has been marked by a history of ups and downs, both due to starvation, the deaths of two children, sexual violence and racism.

“Despite all adversity, in her 70-year career, Elsa Soares has left a simple but powerful message for the country. As bad as it sounds, we must love. And Elsa loved her unconditionally,” the singer’s manager, Pedro Loreiro, told reporters at aftermath of it.

He added that “Elsa responded with a kiss to every assault, prejudice, racism and domestic violence against women. She responded with force and protest, but with kisses and love. Elsa taught this country love.”

The singer, who had an incomparable hoarse voice and a successful music career spanning seven decades, achieved national fame in the 1960s when she also met soccer player Manuel Francisco dos Santos, known internationally as “Garrincha,” with whom she lived. A passionate and turbulent relationship for nearly two decades.

Brazilian samba legend Elsa Soares, 81, performs at a concert for her latest album

Credits: AFP

“data-title=”Brazilian samba legend Elsa Soares, 81, performs in concert for her latest album – Brazil bid farewell to Elsa Soares, “Foz do Milenio” – SAPO Mag”>

Credits: AFP

“She would have enjoyed 70 years of her career and only in the last six years has she reached the top she deserves,” Lorero said.

Just two days before her death, Elza Soares completed the recording of her last DVD, on stage at Theatro Municipal de São Paulo, and in December she recorded her last studio album, which will be released in a few months with a new five. songs.

For Vanessa Soares, the first granddaughter of Elsa Soares and with whom she lived, she said that in addition to art, the biggest legacy the singer left was the inheritance of “strong women”.

“The family consists of strong women and my grandmother taught me that,” she said.

Maria Eduarda, the artist’s granddaughter, added: “She left many memories and will leave a vast legacy, because this woman struggled so hard to get to what she is.”

After the news of her death the day before, Brazil was in mourning and dozens of artists, writers and public figures paid homage to Elsa Soares, including Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Paulinho da Viola, Alcione, Zica Pagodinho, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro Eduardo Paes, who attended the event, and dozens of other Brazilian artists and personalities who made no secret of their admiration for the woman were considered “the voice of the millennium”.

One of the greatest female singers of Brazilian music, Elza Soares started her samba career in the 1950s, released more than 30 albums and, in addition to the most popular genre in Brazilian culture, also sang other rhythms such as jazz and hip. Jumping, and even electronic music.

Elza Soares’ latest album “Planeta Fome” was released in 2019.

La Mar de Musicas Festival “data-title=”La Mar de Musicas Festival – Brazil bid farewell to Elsa Soares, “The Voice of the Millennium” – SAPO Mag”> Sea Music Festival

Elsa Soares was elected Voice of the Century by the BBC in 1999, thanks to her reach and diversity.

In 2015, the singer was a hit with the critically acclaimed “A Mulher do Fim do Mundo” album and won several awards, including a Latin Grammy and a Brazilian Music Award.

Also in 2016, the American newspaper The New York Times elected The Woman at the End of the World as one of the ten best films of the year, in a list that includes names such as Beyoncé and David Bowie.

In 2019, Elsa Soares was in Portugal where she released an autobiography and presented the album “Deus é Mulher” (2018).

In an interview that Lúsa gave at Livraria da Travessa, in Lisbon, where she presented her autobiography, written by journalist Zica Camargo, Elsa Soares posited that she was a “totally” feminist, which, for her, meant “having the guts to scream a woman.”

About the biography of Zeca Camargo – “Elza” – “Sacrifice and Courage”, Elza Soares says it “tells the story of a life that wasn’t meant to work” – a woman, black, poor – but that gave. “Life depends on how you live it,” he sums up, as if it were simple.

In “Deus é Mulher”, once again surrounding herself with the musicians of the new Brazilian music, Elza Soares once again demonstrated an energetic and active voice for human rights, minorities, sexual freedom, and victims of violence.

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