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Brazil breaks record for dengue deaths in 2023

Brazil breaks record for dengue deaths in 2023

Brazil broke a record for deaths due to dengue fever in 2023. Data issued by the Ministry of Health, through the Notified Disease Information System (Sinan Online), reveal that there were 1,079 deaths due to the disease as of yesterday (27).

In the historical series issued by the Ministry, also based on Sinan, the highest number of deaths during the period of an entire year occurred in 2022, when it reached a record 1,053. Then comes 2015, with 986 deaths.

In response to a question about the record number, the Ministry of Health reported that, with the expected increase in cases, about 11,700 health professionals were trained in 2023 in the clinical management, surveillance and control of sexually transmitted viruses, an infection caused by viruses transmitted, especially by mosquitoes.

“The Ministry of Health will invest R$ 256 million in strengthening arbovirus surveillance. It is time to intensify efforts and preventive measures by everyone to reduce disease transmission. To avoid worsening cases, residents should go to the nearest health service when they show the first symptoms.

Also according to the volume, on the 21st of this month, the dengue vaccine was integrated into the Unified Health System (SUS). However, it will not be widely used initially, as the manufacturing laboratory, Takeda, said it has limited capacity to supply doses. Vaccination will focus on general and priority areas, with strategies for using available doses scheduled for the first weeks of January.