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Brazilian actress Marilou Bueno dies

Marilou Bueno He passed away on Wednesday at the age of 82. The actress has been hospitalized since May in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, but the cause of death is still unknown.

“The administration of Miguel Coto Municipal Hospital regrets to inform you of the death of patient Maria Luisa Bueno, better known as Marilo Bueno, on Wednesday afternoon, June 22nd,” the hospital statement quoted by the Brazilian press said..

The hospital adds that the artist has been hospitalized in the unit “since the end of May and receives all the care indicated for the case.”

Marilou Bueno was born on February 27, 1940. From an early age, he took to the stage and never stopped. From theater to cinema, but above all on television, Marilu has played a role in several Globo TV series, such as “Estúpido Cupido” (1976), “Guerra dos Sexos” (1983 and 2012), “Quatro por Quatro” (1994). ), “Quatro por Quatro” (1994), “Guerra dos Sexos”. Da Cor do Pecado” (2004) or “Êta Mundo Bom” (2016).

His last participation in a TV series in 2020 was “Salve-se Quem Puder”.

In social networks, many actors and colleagues of Marilu honor them, share photos and moments that they lived with the actress. This is the case of Bruna Lombardi, Murillo Rosa, Claudia Raya and others.

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