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Brazilian rogue light-hearted Evertried gets beta on Steam

Brazilian rogue light-hearted Evertried gets beta on Steam

For some time now, without much fanfare, some developers here in Brazil have been drawing attention on the web by releasing creative games and proving that our country is really moving forward in this segment.

In this case, I would like to draw your attention to the game Evertried, which bears the “BR” stamp and promises to provide a noteworthy experience, for fans of Rogue-lite and tactical RPG games… Let’s know?

Evertried com demo na Steam

Backed by a beautiful presentation (you can check it out below), Brazilian developer Lunic Games has promoted the debut of Evertried’s official page, on Steam, and even invited players to enjoy a beta. Here is the video…

According to the descriptions provided by the developers, Evertried is a game that blends elements of a tactical RPG with the typical aspects of popular rogue-lite games. In general, its premise is simple: players must struggle to reach the top of a huge tower.

Logically, since it is an evil game, the challenges will not be easy and everything indicates that the game will guarantee good hours of fun. However, better than checking the descriptions is to test the game soon, don’t you think? In this case, just check out the demo released by the developers, via steam.

It’s worth noting that at the moment, the game’s release date has yet to be confirmed, but Lunic Games has already promised that Evertried will arrive for PC and consoles by the end of the year. So, it is worth watching the news inherent in this demarcation. To the next…