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- Breach of his promises to the president - VG

– Breach of his promises to the president – VG

Says No: After many rounds of negotiations, Joe Manchin rejected President Joe Biden’s prestige project.

Suddenly, Democrat Joe Manchin appeared on Fox News and killed President Joe Biden’s prestigious bill, the Rebuilding Better Welfare Act.


Joe Manchin is a 74-year-old senator who represents the Democrats in West Virginia. He may also be the politician President Joe Biden has spent the most time with since his election victory in November of last year.

Manchin is a politician on the far right of the Democratic Party. With the Senate split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, Joe Biden is counting on Manchin’s support for new laws.

Such as the prestige project “Build Back Better”, which according to News agency Among other things, it will ensure that billions of dollars are allocated to help families with children and housing benefits for the poor.

– I’ve tried everything

bite according to CNN He spent an entire year in talks with Manchin, about the infrastructure law passed after a long tug of war and about “building back better.” The two met at Biden in Delaware, at the White House, at Manchin’s home and over the phone to find compromises they could both accept.

Then Manchin appeared on Fox News.

– I can’t continue working on this law. I just can’t. I have tried everything that is humanly possible. I will not come to the beach. would not be. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and the boss has also worked tirelessly. It was great to work with. Manchin says he knows I have concerns and issues about parts of the bill.

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The senator also published a statement about it website, where he explained that the prestigious Biden project is very expensive. Build Back Better is estimated to cost $2000 billion.

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Unexplained complete reversal

CNN reported that this should have angered Biden. The president allegedly tried to contact Manchin by phone, but to no avail. Then, instead, he agreed to a White House press release harshly attacking the senator.

Needs Mansion: President Joe Biden is counting on Senator Manchin’s support to pass Building Back Better.

“If his statements to Fox and in his written statement indicate the conclusion of negotiations, this is a surprising and inexplicable reversal of his earlier position, and a breach of his promises to the President and his colleagues in the House and Senate,” press officer Jen Psaki wrote in a press release.. from the White House.

CNN He refers to the press release as “a brilliant statement attacking a member of Biden’s own party.”

Biden’s bill has been approved in the House, but must also pass the Senate to finally pass it. It seems impossible now.