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Breakup: Ben seems “calm” and “excited” after leaving the house he shared with Rita Ferro Rodriguez – Nacional

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There is no longer any doubt that Rita Vieira Rodriguez and Ruben Vieira, known as Ben, are already separated. After TV Guia spoke about the marriage crisis. The presenter went on a trip with her children to Dubai and Thailand, while TVI's production assistant stayed in Lisbon,Working on “Somos Portugal”.

Together for 18 years and with a common son, Eduardo, 12, Rita Ferro Rodriguez and Ben faced several crises throughout their nearly two-decade marriageBut just like Flash! It is already written, and it seems that this is more serious, and Ruben Vieira has already left the house that he shared with the broadcaster. “They no longer live together. The separation is effective.”included a source close to the couple.

Rita returned home. He revealed on Sunday, April 7, that he was on his way to the airport to return to Portugal. The presenter also used social media to promise to share the itinerary of this trip to Thailand, which she considered “healing and scarring.” At the end of the joint comment, he left a certainty: “It would be good to start over.”

While Rita Ferro Rodriguez shared more introspective and mysterious messages, The production assistant seems to be going through a “quiet phase.”. “He is fine, in good spirits, and does not hide the separation.”says the production source. Another source told TV Guia: “He was doing well, and if he was sadder, that's not what he shows.”

Like flash! has already been reported, The relationship has been going through a crisis for several months, but it worsened at the beginning of the year, with Ruben Vieira leaving his home at the end of last January.. However, the breakup remained publicly silent and only the most attentive people noticed that something was not right.

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