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Breast cancer drug may be more effective, study says

Breast cancer drug may be more effective, study says

ShA new study that will be presented on Wednesday at the European Breast Cancer Congress, in Milan, Italy, revealed that a drug against breast cancer could save more lives. Early use may provide more effective results.

This is pembrolizumab, brand Keytruda, which is currently used in more aggressive forms of the disease. According to the new study, it can bring benefits when used in the early stages, before and potentially after surgery.

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According to The Guardian, the research has been ongoing for eight years in several countries and covers more than 1,200 patients. They were treated with pembrolizumab and chemotherapy before and after surgery.

About 24.3% of patients had no cancer cells after treatment. “This interesting study shows that adding pembrolizumab to chemotherapy before and after surgery may be more effective in eliminating cancer cells. In women with the disease it is more common,” explains Simon Vincent, one of those responsible for the study.

“Research found that pembrolizumab resulted in no detectable cancer cells in the breasts of more patients when treatment ended, although more research is needed to see if this translates into better survival rates.”

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