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“Breastfeeding is a choice”

“Breastfeeding is a choice”

After speaking with Rui Pedro Figueiredo by phone, Gonzalo Quinaz said that Isaac, the couple's eldest son, “He still suffers from his mother's addiction and now there is a little war over his sister“: “They tried to beat each one's chest to see if he calmed down, and he just said: “Dad, take it away.”“.

But who is telling these people to breastfeed until they are two years old?“Sinha Jardim's reaction.”I don't like it either. But everyone decides what they want to do. You already have teeth, and when you have teeth, you shouldn't breastfeed anymore“, opened Christina Ferreira.

Jessica Antunes has already responded to the comments: “I can't help but comment on the “controversy” generated by this morning's comments, regarding my choice to breastfeed my children: 2 and 2 days old, respectively.“, he began writing in InstaStory.

I saw the comments live and I thought it was in a joking tone, especially because I really appreciate the people who were commenting and I know that they respect us as parents, which reinforces that, after the comments they made, they emphasized that the choice is up to each mother and that is what I think as well“, he added.

Breastfeeding is a choice. I fully stand with those who choose to breastfeed, just as I stand with those who choose not to breastfeed. No matter how old you are. I've always wanted to be a mom, I've always wanted to breastfeed, I've always wanted this moment to end only when they want it to, if it's fun and healthy for both parties…so it will continue that way. We are very happy with this method and this choice“, concluded the former “Big Brother” competitor.

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Jessica Antunes responded to comments made on 'Dois à 10': 'Breastfeeding is a choice'