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“Brestiani at Benfica?  “I will talk to Rui Costa.”

“Brestiani at Benfica? “I will talk to Rui Costa.”

‘There should be news next week’, Velez president Fabian Berlanda reveals to A BOLA; The clubs are still negotiating with the Argentine winger

At the moment there is no news,” begins with Fabian Berlanda, the new president of Velez Sarsfield, explaining the negotiations with Benfica for the transfer of winger Gianluca Pristiani. The prior agreement concluded by the Reds with the previous management of the Argentine club is invalid.

Speaking to A BOLA, Berlanda confirmed that the clubs are “talking”. When asked whether there would be white smoke this week, he answered frankly: “Not this week.” When then could this happen? “Maybe next week,” he added, a phrase that might fill Benfica fans with optimism.

The day before yesterday, Rui Costa indicated that Benfica had had a prior agreement with Velez for the transfer of Pristiani since July. At issue will be an offer of €8 million for 85% of the 17-year-old Argentine winger’s passing. Now, as BOLA knows, nothing has been decided yet, and the greatest possibility is that the deal, which is already in the details stage, will be closed soon. That’s why Berlanda says: “I haven’t spoken to Rui Costa yet. Benfica spoke with the previous management of Velez, and now they are speaking to us. But I didn’t talk to Rui Costa. “I hope to speak to him at any moment.”

Benfica president considers the winger can be an “added value”

“Different from Di Maria”

Fabian Berlanda describes Brestiani as “a very interesting player, fast and with a lot of techniques, who plays on the wings.” Will he be like Di Maria? “No, for me Di Maria was more of a midfielder, even though he played those roles in recent years [extremo]. Pristiani is another striker who plays on the wings.”

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Despite his insistence that the deal has not been completed, Velez Sarsfield boss agrees that Benfica would be a good club for Pristiani to “develop talent”. There is no shortage of examples of successful Argentines in Luz. “Yes, of course [que seria um bom clube para Prestianni]. He is a young man who will have a great future.”

Priestiani is waiting

Priestiani still does not know when he will be able to travel to Lisbon. He looks forward to receiving this nomination. You already know everything about Benfica, but, as A BOLA knows, you haven’t even spoken to your compatriots Di Maria and Otamendi, who, of course, admire you very much.

Once the clubs conclude the agreement – which is the strongest possibility, especially since Berlanda, in Argentina, has already said that he will not stop his departure – Pristiani will undergo the usual medical examinations and physical tests. But he will not be able to sign a contract with the Reds until he turns 18. That day will not come until January 31, when the curtain falls on the transfer market.