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British defense sex scandal

British defense sex scandal

It was scheduled to participate a British parachute regiment of about 300 soldiers in exercises in Bosnia and Kosovo in September. Now the army chief and General Sir Patrick Sanders decided to fend off the soldiers.

The reason is the sexual video posted online. In the video, several male soldiers associated with the 3rd Parachute Battalion, known locally as Para 3, participate in an orgy with a civilian woman.

times He mentioned the case already on June 7, after several clips of the incident were posted on the Internet, and according to BBC The footage was allegedly filmed at a barracks in Colchester, Essex.


in a letter telegraph Gaining insight, Sir Sanders wrote that the women who participated in the orgies had consented.

The British Military Police stated that this was not a crime.

Stop defending his rage

The video was met with heavy criticism from the British Defense Staff, who said they were “not willing to jeopardize the NATO mission or risk damaging the reputation of the British military by sending in Paragraph 3 at this time”.

The newly appointed British army chief, General Sir Patrick Sanders, said he had “temporarily lost faith” in the battalion.

Lieutenant General Andrew Harrison, commander of the Parachute Regiment, also took a hard line against his administration after the incident.

“They will consider this and, when necessary, modify behavior and culture that undermines the reputation and operational efficiency of an exceptional battalion,” Harrison said.

Shame: British Defense Secretary James Hebby called the video “disgraceful”. Photo: Brian Inganga/AP Photo

– Embarrassed and angry

Defense Secretary James Hebe described the video as “shameful”, noting that he was “embarrassed and angry” after the incident, he said. BBC.

– I’m familiar with the clip, which is a shame. It doesn’t matter if people say she’s got approval, Hebei told ITV radio station Beston.

We want the best and the best for the nation in the service of our defense, and we want the women who serve in defense to know that they are serving in an environment where they are pressured and respected.

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