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British intelligence: - He will refuse to obey orders

British intelligence: – He will refuse to obey orders

in and fresh Intelligence updateThey wrote, which the British Ministry of Defense publishes in the morning hours daily, that heavy fighting between Russia and Ukraine continues in the city of Sevgerodonetsk in the eastern Donbass region.

We will keep fighting

In an earlier update this week, the British Ministry of Defense described the situation in Severodonetsk as “extremely difficult” for both Ukrainian forces and civilians who have left the area.

Both parties appear ready to continue the “intense fighting in Donbass,” they wrote on Sunday.

But the British also think Ukraine may have experienced desertion in recent weeks – that is, people have pulled out.

Shooting Bomb Attack: A video released by Ukraine’s 24th Brigade will show the “Wagner” private paramilitary group attacking Ukrainian trenches in April 2022. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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He must refuse to obey

However, in the ranks of the Russians must have been the biggest problems in the morale of the soldiers. British intelligence describes Russian morals as “particularly problematic”.

According to the intelligence service, there were cases when entire units of the Russian forces refused to obey the orders of their commanders, in addition, there were still cases of armed conflict between commanders and troops.

Russian officials of all ranks may still be confused about the aims of the war. Russian forces’ morale problems are likely to be so great that they constrain Russia’s ability to achieve operational goals, according to Britain’s MoD, according to Britain’s MoD. Sky News.

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