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British intelligence on Russia: Little or no considerations

British intelligence on Russia: Little or no considerations

The war in Ukraine exposed shortcomings in Russia’s ability to carry out precision attacks on a large scale, British intelligence wrote in its latest report.

They wrote that Russia bombed Ukrainian cities extensively and arbitrarily, with little or no concern for civilian casualties.

It appears that the Russians did the opposite of what they had promised at the beginning of the war:

At the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia enhanced the ability to carry out precision surgical attacks and reduce unintended losses. They stated that Ukrainian cities would therefore be safe from bombing, they wrote.

With the conflict lasting longer than Russia expected before the war, Russia has run out of precision-guided munitions, according to intelligence.

On Monday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov claimed the opposite. He claims that Russia has a sufficient stockpile of high-precision missiles and ammunition. He writes for the Russian newspaper Interfax.

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