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Britney Spears announces she is pregnant with her third child

Britney Spears announces she is pregnant with her third child

This is Monday the eleventh Britney Spears She used social networks to share the news with her fans and followers: she’s pregnant!

This will be the third child of the 40-year-old singer, who already has 16-year-old Sean and 15-year-old Jaydam, both of whom were Spears with Kevin Federline. The third child of the artist’s relationship is born Sam Asghari.

Britney posted a photo of a cup of tea and pink carnations, writing in the caption: “I lost a lot of weight on my trip to Maui, only to eventually gain it back. I thought, ‘What’s wrong with my stomach?’ My husband replied, ‘You’re pregnant with ridiculous food! So I took a pregnancy test and…ah, well…I have child“.

The singer continues, noting that this pregnancy will live completely differently from its predecessors. Spears remembers that the last few times she took photo shoots to show her stomach, when her father, Jamie Spears, says the singer, was made pact for the money.

Then she recalls some of the difficult moments she experienced in her first pregnancy: “It was tough because I suffered from postpartum depression…I have to say it was absolutely horrible. Women didn’t talk much about it at the time. There are those who believe that it is dangerous if a woman complains while she is having a baby in her stomach. But now women talk about it every day. I’m grateful we don’t have to keep this pain a secret.”

About what he would do differently this time, he said, “I’m going to do yoga every day!”

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