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Britney Spears calls for an end to the "abusive" guardianship of her father who has controlled her for more than 10 years

Britney Spears calls for an end to the “abusive” guardianship of her father who has controlled her for more than 10 years

The immortalized singer said, “I’m not here to be anyone’s slave.” hits How darling again or toxic. The words came as a relief to fans and some celebrities who have been trying to make the Free Britney movement heard for years. Last Wednesday, 23, the artist finally broke the silence.

In a virtual hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Britney Spears spoke for the first time about being placed under parental guardianship: “I am shocked. I am not happy, I can’t sleep. I am so angry, this is crazy. I am depressed.”, he quotes CNN. For 20 minutes, the singer admitted that she was upset by the actions of her father, Jamie Spears, which she considers “offensive” and criticized the behavior of the rest of the family. “My family did nothing” (…) “All I had to do was [o meu pai] to be approved. “No one in my family does anything,” he said.

The singer’s testimony comes with the meaning of an attempt to end her guardianship, a request that has not yet been formalized. Last Tuesday, 22, in a preview of this session, the newspaper New York times She published confidential legal records showing that Spears has been questioning the need for this guardianship since 2014, and has repeatedly demanded its termination, a request that her court-appointed attorney, Samuel D. to.

He was quoted by the same American newspaper as saying, “What I’ve been through is embarrassing and frustrating, and that’s the main reason why I don’t say it in public.” “I always thought no one would believe me.” About the request to formalize the termination of guardianship, the singer also admitted that she was not aware of the matter. “Excuse my ignorance,” he said, “but I did not know.”

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During her testimony, Britney Spears decried her father’s influence on the decisions that have marked (and marked her life) in the most diverse areas of her life. “I want to be able to marry and have a child. (…) I have an internal IUD so that I don’t get pregnant, [a minha equipa] She denounced in court that she did not want me to have any more children.” The singer also revealed that she was forced to take lithium, a “strong anesthetic,” as she described it. In 2019, she was admitted to a mental health facility against her will. “I am shocked. I’m not happy. I can’t even sleep.”

Guardianship, which began in 2008, gives Jamie Spears full authority over her daughter’s estimated fortune of $60 million. Throughout the Wednesday session, the singer alluded several times to the fact that she is able to “work for a lot of people and pay a lot of people,” despite not having control over her finances. “I’m great at what I do,” she said, citing the New York Times. “And I let these people control what I do, that’s enough. It doesn’t make any sense.”