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Britney Spears shows how she came into the world and acts like a cat-farver

Britney Spears shows how she came into the world and acts like a cat-farver

The singer once again showed controversial behavior.

03/12/2024 • 17 h 10

Britney Spears showed somewhat strange behavior that worried her fans, such as when she filmed a video clip dancing with knives.

The 42-year-old singer has struck again, and this time she has left the world stunned by sharing three photos in which she appears completely naked on the beach. As if one Instagram post wasn't enough, the artist posted three posts with the same content.

But the matter did not stop there, as he had previously posted a video clip in which he appeared behaving like a cat and bathing like that animal. “Last night, while I was lying in the hot pool looking at the stars, I was thinking that I needed a new face wash and because I'm so lazy, I didn't get up to wash my face…and I took matters into my own hands and like a cat.”The singer began writing in the caption of the video, where she appeared licking her fingers and rubbing them on her face.

“I licked my palms and wiped my face with my fingers… Well, when I came in, I showered… But the point is, the benefits of telling the truth are crucial. Stay with people who know exactly what you think. The truth is… No, they're just protecting you; Because they make you look so pretty.”The singer added.

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