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Britney wants her life back and is going to speak in court for the first time

Britney wants her life back and is going to speak in court for the first time

Britney Spears filed a motion to address a Los Angeles court judge in the United States in the lawsuit that the pop star was filed against his father, who has been in control of his personal and professional life since 2008.

At 39, Britney Spears first asked to speak in court about her father Jimmy Spears’ guardianship. With a long-term legal battle already underway, this will be one of the most important hearings in the case – taking place in June – and the singer will show herself in a Los Angeles courtroom. Until then, everything happened with the mediation of the pop star’s lawyer, without the latter being publicly broached about it.

Attorney Samuel Ingham on Tuesday, April 27th, requested a hearing so that his client, Britney Spears, could proceed “directly to court.” The singer herself was supposed to be determined to speak to the judge as quickly as possible. The Los Angeles court accepted, and thus, on June 23, it would be possible to hear Spears’ own voice of what he thinks and feels about his father’s guardianship.

However, it remains unclear what topics the pop star will focus on in court. During the year 2020, the 39-year-old singer starts a legal battle with Jimmy Spears, so as not to manage his career and control his finances. Since 2008, when Britney entered a mental hospital, the father has taken custody of her daughter.

At the time, as she herself admitted, parental help was essential to restore and maintain her career as a singer. Britney Spears emerged from the chaos of the tabloid press, with controversies in personal life synonymous with sales, revenue, and harassment. The singer has released albums, gave concerts and participated in several TV shows. All under the guidance of Jimmy Spears.

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However, in nearly four decades of life, Spears wants to regain control. The New York Times documentary, released earlier this year, doubled down on the singer’s “struggle” as her audience gathers outside a Los Angeles court whenever another hearing takes place in the case.

In February of this year, Britney scored a small victory: Jimmy Spears was removed from full control of the guardianship, and now has a partial liability. An independent money management company, the Bessemer Trust, has been appointed by American Justice to share the singer’s tutelage. However, it is not clear if this deadline has actually gone into effect.

After June 23, there will be another hearing in July, as the pop star’s lawyers will once again continue to argue and fight for Jimmy Spears’ final departure from control of her daughter’s life. Until then, Britney refuses to return to the stage.