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Brits should pay no more than 25,000 NOK for electricity - VG

Brits should pay no more than 25,000 NOK for electricity – VG

The promise of electricity: Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss has left 10. Downing Street on her way to the House of Commons to present her energy plan.

Prime Minister Liz Truss said on Thursday that from October 1 and up to two years, the average family in Great Britain would pay a maximum of £2,500 a year for energy.


She added that the typical British family would save £1,000 a year with it.

– This is in addition to the £400 being offered to support higher energy bills, Truss said on Thursday when she presented her energy plan in the House of Commons.

It is converted from British Pound Sterling to Norwegian Krone, which is about 25,000 NOK per year or 2,100 NOK per month.

The business community will get similar support for the next six months so they can get through the winter, according to reports Telegraph.

The Prime Minister also lifted the ban on hydraulic fracturing in order to increase Britain’s energy production.

hydraulic fracturing one controversial method for oil and gas extraction. In fracking operations, sand, water, and chemicals are pumped into the ground under high pressure to open (crack) shale formations. In this way, oil and gas are extracted from the reservoir.

The Telegraph writes that the package of measures exceeds the costs that have been used to repeat during the pandemic, but it is not yet known what price they will be.

Newspaper Watchman He writes that the package of measures could be as high as £150 billion, but that it is likely not to be announced until later this month.

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