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Brock Lesnar regains the WWE Championship

Brock Lesnar regains the WWE Championship

how The main event From Judiciary Chamber on Saturday We had an Elimination Chamber match for WWE Championship, where Bobby Lashley defended the title against five others stars.

Theory Austin and Seth Rollins were the first fighters in the ring, and the “Visionary” took the young man across maybe Where was Bobby Lashley? Then Riddle came, and all the Mighty were removed from the fight before even entering AJ . Styles.

I finally got in Brock Lesnar, which was eliminating various fighters one by one, starting with Seth Rollins, Riddle and AJ Styles. I left Austin’s theory to the end, but what would happen was already known. After beating extensively inside the cage, a F-5 from the top of one the horns He gave victory to the “beast”.

Brock Lesnar won the Elimination Chamber match and regained the WWE Championship. Therefore, in WrestleMania 38 will have Champion vs Champion between him and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

What do you think of the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship? Did you expect Brock Lesnar to win?

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