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Bron Breaker and Grayson Waller at the Performance Center

Bron Breaker and Grayson Waller faced off against each other at New Year’s Evil, in a fight that ended in controversial fashion and led to both being tagged. a steel cage match between the two for Vengeance Day.

The two fighters clashed during a training session at the Performance Center, resulting in the Australian being sent off WWE.

Performance Center student Alexis Lete shared a video in which she was talking to her followers about suplex He knew, until Grayson Waller started to hear a scream at Bron Breaker.

The Australian continued to shout at his opponent, until he threw a water bottle at him, which led to another shouting exchange, until a big fight began. Quarrel between the two.

This only ended after several fighters and trainers fired them and kicked Grayson Waller out of the Performance Center.

Meanwhile, Grayson Waller also shared a video of everything going on.

What do you think of this Quarrel Between Braun Breaker and Grayson Waller?

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