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Brooke Shields reveals that she was raped when she was 22

Made famous by the 1980 movie The Blue Lagoon, the former model was a victim of a Hollywood product. After years of therapy, she tells it all in the new documentary, “Beautiful Baby: Brooke Shields.”

At the age of 57, Brooke Shields stunned by revealing that she was a victim of sexual assault early in her career. Details have emerged about the new documentary “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields”, which had its world premiere over the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, US.

The former actress and model always hides the identity of the attacker. He just remembered meeting Alfred, the Hollywood producer he already knew, shortly after he finished college, for what he thought was a business meeting.

The product looks naked

It was in 1987 when he was trying to get back into Hollywood and was having some difficulties getting roles, after the failure of the movie Sahara (1984).
Brooke Shields was 22 years old and believed in the producer’s good intentions.

She accompanied him to his hotel room with the understanding that he would call a taxi. The actress reported that the producer disappeared for a few minutes inside the room, and later appeared completely naked. “I didn’t fight much… I just froze,” he now reveals in the documentary. I thought the word “No!” “My own should have been enough and I just thought I’d survive and get out of there.”

At that moment, as she asserted, I “hung up,” driven by the thought of “surviving and leaving.” She then called her friend and the head of the security service, Gavin Baker, who warned her that “this is a violation”. “I don’t want to believe it,” the actress replied, and has remained silent for now.

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“It took years of therapy for me to be able to talk about what happened,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Having sex at the age of ten

The documentary “Pretty baby: Brooke Shields” will air on the Hulu streaming platform in two parts, and further explores the sexualization that targeted the actress as a child.

At just 10 years old, Brooke did a daring nude photo shoot, and at 11 she played an underage prostitute in Pretty Baby. At 14, he starred in “The Blue Lagoon” and ads for Calvin Klein.

The documentary ends with Brooke Shields sitting at the dinner table with her daughters, Rowan and Greer, ages 16 and 19, and talking about her when she was a child, a young woman, and a mother.