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Brooklyn Khoury: - A dog brutally attacked him

Brooklyn Khoury: – A dog brutally attacked him

American Brooklyn Khoury (22 years old) is a model and professional figure skater. A little over a year ago, she experienced the nightmare during a family visit to Arizona, USA.

At the beginning of November last year, the 22-year-old visited his cousin to relax. One day they came home after doing some errands.

At home at his cousin’s house, the dog Diesel, an eight-year-old bull, was waiting. Khoury is said to have met the dog many times before, and sat down to eat it.

– He ran straight towards my face. I was standing, while the dog was stuck to my lip, she says People.

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Blood is everywhere

According to the 22-year-old, she immediately got up on the ground and followed the dog’s head so her lip wouldn’t break.

– I was moving after that every time. Finally, I felt something let go. And then something flew and hit the wall.

Khoury says that when she got up, she had to take a deep breath to get back to herself again. But suddenly she felt blood in her mouth.

– I looked down and my entire shirt was stained with blood. Blood was everywhere.

On the ground she saw a pink lump, and gradually realized that it was a piece of her lips. It wasn’t easy to see, but she eventually recognized a small pimple on her lip that she had bothered earlier that day, she says.

Khoury responded quickly and wrapped her lip with a tissue before rushing to the emergency room. However, it was too late – the doctors could not save her lip.

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– Afraid of the future

The model quickly decided that she would share her experience with her Instagram followers. A few days after the brutal incident, she posted an honest message from her hospital bed.

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“Sometimes we don’t know why things happen to us, and I can’t understand why this happens to me. On November 3, I was badly injured when a bull attacked me in the face. His entire upper lip and parts of his nose ripped out”, the 22-year-old explains to his followers Who number more than 120,000.

In the photo, she is lying in a hospital bed holding a teddy bear. On her mouth is a bandage. She adds that she’s trying to keep her spirits up, but she admits she’s scared:

“It’s crazy how drastically your life can change in a second. I try to be as positive as possible about this whole situation, but I have to be honest in saying that I’m afraid of my future and whether I’ll be able to smile again or eat normally.” This is the beginning of a long journey.”