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Browser for Windows?  Samsung Internet arrives in the Microsoft Store

Browser for Windows? Samsung Internet arrives in the Microsoft Store

The browser market for Windows has been very active, with all proposals seeking to bring new features and options. Amidst so many offers, another one has now appeared, which has been proven on other platforms. We are talking about Samsung Internet, which has arrived on Windows and wants to attract many users.

Samsung Internet is one of the best known suggestions in the Android world. This is the browser that always accompanies the smartphones of the brand and which has a large number of fans, who rely on this proposal to surf the Internet and always stay in sync with all devices.

Although it is only available on Android, many have requested it to also move to Windows and other platforms. It seems that that moment has happened now, with the discovery of this browser in the Microsoft App Store. Ready to use.

This is another Chromium-based browser that promises to be the fastest and consume the least amount of resources. With an already familiar interface, the result of its origins, Samsung Internet wants to appeal to all Android users. The arguments presented are logical and quick to use.

Here we are talking about data synchronization with the Android version, which ensures the transition between platforms in a transparent manner. This uses the user's Samsung Account and already offers many capabilities, such as browsing history, favourites, saved pages and open tabs.

There are still some features to be set up, like password syncing and others, which should arrive soon. As for the features, this browser offers anonymous browsing, data import, and many more basic features.

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It will be interesting to see how Samsung smartphone and tablet users will react to this news. Now they have another way to ensure platform change, using the same browser thus keeping all the navigation in sync and ready to use on Windows as well.