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Bruce Willis’ wife speaks out for the first time about his dementia

Bruce Willis’ wife speaks out for the first time about his dementia

Bruce Willis’s wife spoke, for the first time, about the actor’s health and the impact of the disease on the family. Epic hero Cinematic “Die hard” was Diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia In February, after losing communication capabilities.

In a special interview for the program todaybroadcast on North American television nbc“Emma Heming Willis is out of it.”Comfort Zone“With a purpose Raising awareness about frontotemporal dementia – Also known as Pick’s disease.

In an interview with broadcaster Hoda Kotb, the actor’s wife shared her experience as “Care partner” that it He admitted that “difficult“Dealing with her husband’s illness.

What I’ve learned is that dementia is hard. It’s hard for the person being diagnosed, but it’s also hard for the family. This is no different for Bruce, or for me, or for our daughters. When they say it runs in the family, it’s trueHe said, in an interview with Hoda Kotb.

Accompanied by Susan Dickinson, President Frontotemporal Dystrophy AssociationEmma Heming Willis mentions that the diagnosis Of frontotemporal dementia can be difficultsince HeyThe symptoms are common in other degenerative diseases, delaying the identification process – sometimes by several years.

This type of dementia occurs as a result of: Degeneration of one or both of the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain It can affect the patient’s verbal communication, movement, and behavior, in addition to his personality and executive functioning. He is A degenerative disease that currently has no cure.

In the case of Bruce Willis the diagnosis It also took several years to arrive: In the beginning, the subject He was diagnosed with aphasia – A neurological disorder that affects the ability to communicate and process language. After only one year He was declared to be suffering from frontotemporal dementia.

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For Hemming Willis, Learn about Bruce Willis’ diseaseA blessing and a curse.

He finally understood what was happening and moved towards accepting what was happening.. That doesn’t make it any less painful, but accepting and knowing what’s happening to Bruce makes it a little easier.

When asked if Bruce Willis was aware of the state he was in, Emma Hemming Willis said “It’s hard to know,” he admits.. Susan Dickinson explains that some patients… You may have to recognize changes associated with the diseaseBut in other cases, this awareness may be the first thing to disappear.

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