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Bruna Corby has been proposed for marriage in the Maldives.  See the pictures of "Pure Happiness" - Celebrities

Bruna Corby has been proposed for marriage in the Maldives. See the pictures of “Pure Happiness” – Celebrities

Bruna Corby He returned to the Maldives, but this time he experienced one of the most memorable moments of his life. The marriage of the 27-year-old lawyer and digital influencer was proposed, on Monday, August 9, in one of the most amazing and romantic places.

The news was shared by herself on Tuesday, 10, through a post on the social network Instagram. “The day I said yes to marrying the love of my life”I started writing the influencer describing the sequence of photos and videos where she is with her future husband, Yannick Gross, who was in a relationship with him for two years.

“We’ve known each other for two years. At that time, no one wanted a relationship, we lived in different countries and all odds were against us. We are.” I couldn’t imagine a better relationship, one built on gestures small and big. One who is based on loving, caring, learning and growing together. Love is really the best thing we have, Bruna Corby continued in the same post.

“Yannick asked me to marry him yesterday, on the beach, in the most beautiful place on earth, and he made me the happiest person in the world,” he concluded. He also revealed to the followers that these are the only photos that they have taken at the moment, to send to the family, and they are also the ones that he was sharing with the followers. He wrote, “This is the most honest and real moment of my life. Absolute happiness!”

In the comments, hundreds of messages have already appeared to congratulate the spouses. Her friend wrote, “I was shivering again as soon as I saw this post! I’m so happy. Congratulations, Bronica!!” Rosalia Soares da Costa. “Congratulations my love, I’m so happy for you,” said Vanessa Alfaro.

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