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Bruna Gomez confesses to Christina Ferreira: "I was literally desperate!"  |  Big brother

Bruna Gomez confesses to Christina Ferreira: “I was literally desperate!” | Big brother

In “Big Brother – The Ultimate Challenge”, Christina Ferreira surprised competitors by visiting the houseThe contestants ended up venting about the presenter and evaluating the experience. Bruna Gomez, who moved from one version of the program to another shortly after, recalled her first week, in which she had difficulty finding her place: “I was literally desperate! (…) I said ‘I won’t, I’ll have to leave’ ».

The presenter commented on the contestant’s participation in the two programs, where there is a very big difference: “You came from peace and entered the war.”

Quinaz, who has closely followed two versions of “Big Brother Famosos,” praised the group of contestants from the house where the Brazilian debuted. For the former football player, the program was an example of how a good entertainment program, based on respect, dialogue, friendship and unity, can work.

At the last concert, Bruna Gomez experienced very strong feelingswatching a summary of photos from his week, eventually admitted that he found himself indoors.

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