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Bruna Gomez Organizes "Big Brother Fashion Hour"!  |  Big brother

Bruna Gomez Organizes “Big Brother Fashion Hour”! | Big brother

In “Big Brother – Desafio Final,” Bruna Gomes was responsible for bringing an extra dose of sparkle to Casa do Big Brother, and she did.

First, the influencer chose Quinaz’s bold “look”: a gray open-topped jumpsuit (the same ones the contestants wore in their first week at Casa, while calling themselves the “Basics” – Check out one of those moments here!), with a silver necklace on the chest to give it a unique touch!

Pedro Guedes was the second victim, and Bruna made sure to dress up the director of “Justin Bieber while escaping from the paparazzi”, including one of his fur coats. Also in a completely different style, Francisco Macau stood out. He was wearing a personal trainer Cristiano Ronaldo on a trip to the mall with his kids.

Finally, Catarina Sequeira’s look was inspired by the “brilliant mind” behind this great event, Bruna Gomez! The actress dressed up the influencer and added an extra touch to her look, with the ‘coconut tree’ hairstyle, which is typical of the Brazilian.

The show was held in the lobby and dazzled the contestants with their original and authentic “look”, while Bruna explained what her inspirations were for each of these sets! Click here to view the different “looks” in detail!

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