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Bruno De Carvalho

Bruno de Carvalho answers it all in an unpublished interview: “Have you ever been betrayed?”

Bruno de Carvalho is at war with TVI after Big Brother Famosos was expelled last Sunday, February 13.

Since his dismissal from Big Brother Famosos, Bruno de Carvalho has thrown barbs at TVI. The channel has now announced an exclusive interview with the former competitor, which took place while he was still in the most guarded house in the country.

If you could invite anyone in the world to dine at your house, who would you choose?“,”Who is the great love in your life?“,”Have you ever been cheated on?‘, are some of the questions asked to the businessman.

Have you ever been cheated on? What’s the craziest place you’ve visited? Will you have superstitions? Bruno de Carvalho answers the most likely questions. 39 questions that will not go unanswered!‘, in the video description available on TVI Player.

Bruno de Carvalho’s questions and answers:

“If you could invite anyone in the world to dine at your house qWho will you choose?” question. “I called Pope Francis”, Bruno de Carvalho replied.

Who is the great love in your life? “ It was another of the questions asked. “I must say my mother, my three daughters, my father,” The businessman said.

“Have you ever rehearsed what you’re going to say before making a phone call?” they asked. “no never”, shooting. “If I had to sum up my life in three words, what would it be? “they asked. “Madness in a good and bad way”He said.

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“What in your life makes you feel happy?”I want to know. “It’s a feeling of love by my side, right. No doubt what makes me happy is my achievement as a person. My own and mine, that’s it.” The former contestant of Big Brother Famusos answered.

“Is there something you’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time? What?”they asked. “What I have planned for this year is exactly what I have decided to do for this year, which is related to my entry into the world of show, theater and DJ. This is my dream, to be in a world that I love, that makes me happy. Being able to end this second phase of life, in the world of entertainmentBruno de Carvalho replied.

It should be noted that the interview took place in the confession hall of the house, early February. at the end of this week , The former competitor is back in business, performing as a DJ in the north of the country.

During Sunday’s concert, he returned to Leave new comments on social media.

See the interview here.

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