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Bruno Di Carvalho tells how the girls dealt with Liliana: “immediate approach”

Liliana Almeida And Bruno Di Carvalho They were on the SIC afternoon program couch, Julia, in an intimate conversation with the presenter. The two have talked about their relationship, from the beginning, through the various controversies, to the future plans.

They end up revealing that at the moment, the families on both sides are getting along very well, and they even spent Christmas together.

It was interesting. We have worked a lot on our relationship with our family. It was good for the two families to be together. loved itthe singer admitted.

Even the former Sporting boss revealed that he never felt like he was part of the family of the women he’d been with in the past, but that all changed this year.

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I can feel something you have to feel sometimes. Two families, we are one. And this is very important, we do not feel the people who were at the party. Now we are one family. I can say without any problem: it was my first time at Christmas like this. Our relationship is different [das outras que tive] That’s good“, It is to explain.

This Christmas was also the moment Bruno reunited Liliana with their three daughters, CatherineAnd Leonor And Diana. An important moment but I already knew how it would go.

When we are with someone who is not the mother of our children, It is very good to feel this approach. With Leonor and Diana it was almost instantaneous. They clung to her more than they clung to me. My eldest daughter is also involved here, the whole approach [entre elas]It is important“, He said.

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Liliana took the opportunity to interrupt and reveal: “Katharina and I have a lot in common“.

Finally, the couple also revealed that they plan to have children soon and that next Christmas they should already have another “little lion” to spend Christmas with the family.