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Bruno Le Myre and Eric Gemmore clash during a heated debate

Bruno Le Myre and Eric Gemmore clash during a heated debate

Respectful and muscular exchanges in turn. Eric Jemmore, the far-right candidate for the 2022 presidential election, confronted Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre during a debate on the political program “Elysee 2022” on Thursday evening, December 9, France 2. They clashed head-on about the country’s economic situation, its history and Islam. This will be the far-right candidate’s first political battle since announcing his official candidacy for the presidency on Tuesday, November 30.

“I will not leave this!” “

Mr. When first asked if there was an economic aspect and country downgrade, as described by Jemmur, the Economy Minister clearly answered. “No major downgrade in France”, Without denying some “The Difficulties of the French”. Proud of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year economic record, he added:

“My deepest hope is that we are in the process of regaining the level of growth, the level of employment, the level of re-industrialization. Thirty glorious. ⁇

And to begin with, sub-statistics: “ I think we should all be proud of the French. ” Eric Gemmore opposed him. “ All European countries have seen their unemployment rate fall. ” According to him, this is not the exploitation of France, it will be seen “Really” Degraded on European display: ” You who were a great student, as a minister, you are an idiot. “

While the two debaters were relatively quiet in presenting technical arguments about the economy, they did not fail to throw some shovels. Mr. Le Maire strongly condemned “Errors” Mr. In the data presented by Jemmoor. The latter described the minister“Staff of the Brussels Commission”. “I will not leave this!” I am in the service of the French Republic, I am in the service of the French, I am not an employee of anyone ”Bruno Le Maire reacted.

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Eric Jemmore also explained that he wanted to attack the Constituent Assembly by referendum. “To impose themselves on him” And “Restore People’s Power”, By reducing its privileges. “In my opinion, sir, the President does not have full powers,” he said. Bruno Le Myre responded.

“The big alternative is a fantasy”

Both debates provoked the French identity, especially the racist and conspiracy theory of the “big alternative” carried out in this campaign by the far-right candidate, before it turned into a historical debate.

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“I think the ‘big alternative’ is a fantasy” Mr. on Muslims and Islam. Before condemning Zemor’s comments, the Economy Minister said:

“When you say that a Muslim should choose Islam and France, you are denying him the opportunity to quietly follow his faith while participating in the Republic, while in the Republic and as a fully respected and respected citizen. This is where we go deep into the background. “

The controversy surrounding Ari and Gabriel Chandler, Jewish children killed by terrorist Mohammed Mera in 2012, is described in Eric Zemor’s latest book. “Above all aliens and want to be beyond death” Buried in Israel, the far-right candidate was taken away and denied that he had done these words even though they were written.

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“I was shocked to see what I heard”

“The real difference is that you will never be the President of the Republic: you do not accept your word.”, assen Bruno Le Maire, Before Continuing: “ The synchronicity of my political career has been so simple that it has always been a struggle against the extreme right. (…) The discussion that took place between us (…) Confirms the urgent need to fight against you. “This is a source of pride”, Eric Zemmer responded.

The minister also accused “Restore the Vichy regime”, Done “By Patten, Defender of the French Jews”. “I’m not a Betteness”, “I’m not completely rehabilitating the Vichy regime”, Most “France was in London” with “General de Gaulle”, And so on “France has no responsibility for the siege of Vél ‘d’Hiv, the Germans who imposed it” Let Eric Jemmore go.

“I was shocked to hear what I heard. Should be deported “And not under the orders of the Nazi regime”, The Minister replied.

“Vichy should cry rather than defend the regime”, Bruno Le Maire continued, in 1995, to ask Eric Gemmer if he was ready to resume Jacques Chirac’s Vél ‘d’Hiv’s speech acknowledging the French government’s responsibility for deporting Jews. The opponent refused.

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Eric Zemmor describes SOS-racist activists as “provocative.”

Ahead of the debate, the far-right candidate for the 2022 presidential election answered questions from the press. He was specifically asked about the middle finger he sent to a woman who opposed his coming to Marseille at the end of November, a gesture condemned by the entire political class, Mr. Jemmur refused to apologize and justified himself by its nature: “I, I am a Mediterranean and in addition a passion.”

During the violence that erupted during his meeting in Wilbinday on Sunday, December 5, SOS racist activists accused Mr. While hosting an event before being attacked by some civilians in Jemmoor, the latter compared the situation to a football match: “Imagine that supporters of the Paris-Saint-Germain meet in the middle of the State-Velotrom in Marseille and, in an insult to the Marseille team, they are welcomed!”

He explained that he was a fan of the SOS-Racisme he described “Provocateurs”, “You don’t have to be there”, Before adding to the violence that followed, “Honestly, it happens” And [s]His activists are very quiet. ”.

Eric Zemor also realized he didn’t have it “Call people” Despite his status as a candidate for the presidency, he must be vaccinated before insisting: “I’m not a government, I’m not a president”, “I’m not a doctor”.

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