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Bruno Nogueira's new show makes humor with people with physical disabilities

Bruno Nogueira’s new show makes humor with people with physical disabilities

TABU intends to dismantle the vulnerability of people with disabilities. Premieres March 5 on SIC.

Can physical limitations be an obstacle to mood? This is the question Bruno Nogueira asks in his new SIC programme, “Tabu”. And the answer is immediately in the first episode: a resounding “No.”

In a house with people with physical weaknesses, the screenwriter and actor will make fun of the participants and the physically challenged will play themselves to their limits. Example: Sergio is in a wheelchair, paralyzed. Bruno jokes: “It’s off in neutral.”

Humor with people with physical disabilities promises to raise the conscience of the Portuguese and get people talking on social networks, “TV aims to influence society, and Bruno has the sensitivity to manage these conversations,” says Daniel Oliveira, SIC’s director of programs. The broadcaster also said that two more seasons have already been ordered, with topics such as “racism, obesity or psychological issues”.

“Taboo” starts March 5 on SIC, with four participants, and marks the comedian’s return after “Principio, meio e fim” that did not reach the desired audiences of Channel Three.

“At first I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I think not making jokes about certain topics is discrimination,” Bruno Nogueira told reporters. “Nothing was deleted from this program. We were careful to defend them from anything that might make them uncomfortable,” the actor and comedian emphasized.