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Bruno Paixao objects to Belenensis – Belenensis

Bruno Paixao objects to Belenensis – Belenensis

The partnership with the Blues ended due to the partners' objections

• Photo: Fernando Ferreira

It was a fleeting relationship, and its end and features are only known now. Bruno Paixao, the former international referee who began cooperating with some clubs in the field of refereeing from the moment he “blown the whistle” in 2018, had a similar partnership with Belenenses, which was established at the beginning of the season, last September. It ended after two months due to… partners' objections.

At a general meeting held on 6 November, after Bruno Paixao's collaboration with the Christ's Cross logo was questioned and criticized by some club members, a motion was put forward to recommend to the Belenenses management to end contact with the 49-year-old former referee. old. In the vote that followed, there were 54 votes against and 45 votes in favour. Despite the rejection of the proposal, President Patrick Moraes de Carvalho committed to thinking about the matter, taking into account the arguments of some intervening partners, who reported an alleged case of indecent assault by the previous referee, in 2001, at the Académica -Immortal. After a conversation with Bruno Paixao, a few days later, the call ended.

By Mario Duarte

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