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Bruno Savat receives the support plane and leaves some feeling sad

Bruno Savat receives the support plane and leaves some feeling sad

Planes have been 'banned' on Big Brother since the previous edition…

In November 2023, in the skies of Malvera, a plane passed to Francisco Montero carrying information that something had happened: “Zaza be careful insulting crime Andre PT see“.

The production team decided to take a radical decision: if a plane flew overhead, the park would be immediately closed to competitors.

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 3, the competitors and the “Desavio Final” production itself were surprised by the presence of a plane sent by Bruno Savat's audience.

Go Savate, fans are with you until the end“, said the sign. All competitors saw the message and ordered the production to immediately enter the house.

Later, Miguel Vicente commented: “I don't like planes. It's cool, it's empowering, it's positive, but it really impacts the game. I received 44 planes [no Big Brother 2022]. That's a lot. He received planes almost every day“.

On social media, some criticism arose due to the fact that the production allowed competitors to see the plane and even suggested that Savat be punished (as if he were responsible). Now Miguel Vicente fans are expected to provide the answer…

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Final challenge: Bruno Savat receives a support plane and leaves some people feeling sad

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