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"Bruno thought it was a Covid test."  Ruth Oliveira, from Casados, remembers the beginning of her pregnancy

“Bruno thought it was a Covid test.” Ruth Oliveira, from Casados, remembers the beginning of her pregnancy

at the beginning of october, Ruth Oliveira And the Bruno Santos open, Through the “Baby Shower” broadcast live on the “Casa Feliz” program, the first sex of the baby. Waiting for a girl, a husband of ‘Married at first sightAnnounce that the child will be named Frederica.

24 weeks! Pregnant Ruth Oliveira from Casados ​​shows how her stomach has grown

And while Ruth’s “belly” continues to grow, the magazine interviewed the participant in the SIC . Social Experiment MariaAnd she decided to remember the beginning of pregnancy in particular The way she found out she was expecting her first child, the way she revealed everything to her partner.

We went on a caravan tour and were in Vila Nova de Milfontes. I am completely straight with my period and at the time I only had two days. I found it strangeHe began his speech in statements to the mentioned newspaper.

I let two days pass but then told him I was going to the pharmacy. I bought the test, went for it, and when I saw the result I was paralyzed. It was “I can’t believe it”, but I was happy‘, describes Ruth Oliveira.

When I got to the caravan I showed him the test and he didn’t understand what it was, I thought it was a Covid test. This is because I had Covid a short time ago. Then I answered him: No, I am pregnant! He smiled, but was also surprised. Bruno really wanted to be a father, and he wanted to have more kids“Married,” the participant admitted.

‘The pregnancy was smooth’

Ruth Oliveira came close to having her first child in her arms, and also described the way she experienced her pregnancy, as she was always very calm about everything.

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At first, in those three months I had one hemorrhage or another, I wouldn’t say I had no anxiety or the other, but I had a calm pregnancy, without nausea, and without pain. Sometimes I get heartburn, but it’s very little“, He said.

According to Ruth Oliveira for Maria magazine, the delivery of Frederica is scheduled for the second week of February 2023.

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