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Bruno Varela: "The songs they made for Rochenha only tarnish our football" - in Guimarães

Bruno Varela: “The songs they made for Rochenha only tarnish our football” – in Guimarães

Goalkeeper V. Guimarães showed solidarity with the Victorian captain and criticized Boavista fans

At the end of the match between Boavista and Femares Guimarães, Bruno Varela confirmed the moment Rocinha was substituted and in which he was said to have received negative cheers from the Boavista fans.

“Confusion in the tunnel? It’s a football game, not worth feeding it, it was a classic. However, there was a situation on the field that made me and my team-mates uncomfortable. There are several ways to blow up a player, in this case but the cheers for him, I don’t know if She had heard it at home, except that it stains our football. It pisses us off, and there’s no need to do things this way. These are frustrating situations,” she said.


Assuming that the man of the match award has a bittersweet flavour, inasmuch as the collective success is most important, the goalkeeper also analyzed the match: “The equalizer tasted a bit, we really wanted to win. Part worthy of getting at least one more goal, but in the second goal we were ineffective We didn’t have the same amount of ball and ended up suffering. Round.”

Bruno Varela also addressed the fifth place accounts, which only remain open if Gil Vicente loses to Tondela. He concluded: “We think it’s still computationally possible, even though we’re dependent on how Gil Vicente plays. We had to do our part to get more hope, but it got complicated.”

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by Diogo Matos


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