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Buckingham Palace was outraged by Megan's stance

Buckingham Palace was outraged by Megan’s stance

A source linked to the British royal family gave information to times About the side angered Buckingham Palace. It seems that the fact that Megan The use of the title Duchess when talking about political affairs in the United States is not acceptable.

After all, the same source mentions that the British royal family “You don’t have to interfere with the US police.” Adding to Megan “to use your address out of context”.

Controversy erupted recently, with news of Meghan calling US senators to call for a vote in favor of paid maternity leave and the social plan of that country’s president, Joe Biden. Some of those contacted reported that Prince Harry’s wife introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex.

“If someone uses a real address, that means they should stay away from that kind of thing. Otherwise you are using the address out of context,” Continue to the fountain at Buckingham Palace. The royal family does not have to interfere in American politics. It is important to make an appeal, but there are differences between campaigning for issues such as the environment, mental health and speaking out in a political way“.

For this source, what Megan did ‘Scandalous’: ‘The Duchess of Sussex has no right to have a stronger voice on this than any other mother in the US

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