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Aruda dos Venus – August 12, 2021

2021-08-12 21:30:00

Sixth bull – Antonio Ferreira (Jorge de Carvalho – 490 kg)

Ferreira didn’t want to see the bull in front of him making senseless loose passes, shortening his achievement.

Now, Joao Ferreira and Felipe Graffito greeted ‘Montra im Manu’ for the quality of the four remaining Panderella pairs last night.

The audience praised the bullfighter with whistles.

Antonio Ferreira – Unauthorized return

Fifth bull – Joao Moura Caetano (Jorge de Carvalho – 450 kg)

Joao Moura Caetano encountered another spirit and, moreover, the dominant tone of the race.
Caetano left the usual devices as he could, even listening to music.

Pedro Belbot, of Amadores de Arruda dos Vinhos, completed the last catch of the night, on the third attempt.
(Note: One of the assistants was taken to the arena infirmary after being collected with a wooden device)

Joao Moura Caetano Unauthorized return
Pedro Belbot (GFA Arruda dos Vinhos) Unauthorized return

Fourth Bull – Luis Nightingale (Jorge de Carvalho – 485 kg)

Louis Roxinol had no luck in his class today, but the audience can thank all the efforts of the bullfighter, and perhaps the one who does not “win” his cute bulls.
The Nightingale did what he could, with dignity and surrender, in the face of another bull, who lost.
Acting with music.

Nuno Vitas, from Amadores de Lisbon, made the first attempt.

Louis Nightingale – return permission
Nuno Vitas (GFA Lisbon) – return permission

The third bull – Antonio Ferreira (Jorge de Carvalho – 465 kg)

Antonio Ferreira missed almost everything in his first performance…
Although the bull was not “perfect”, it did not demand much from the beak of the crutch and such a large distance between the sword and the opponent … the exhibition “correctly” without music.

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The great moment of this “deal” was responsible for Joao Ferreira and Felipe Gravito for leaving a perfect couple, to whom the audience did not respond by asking them to salute “Montera” in their hands.

Antonio Ferreira – No return allowed

The second bull – Joao Moura Caetano – (Jorge de Carvalho – 450 kg)

Joao Moura Caetano was the second bullfighter to enter the arena, handling a bull with more mobility and mobility than the first.
Caetano rode on the pedal and left with him three long tall marks with good marks, to stand out in the short ones mainly for tacky posture and shots of sorts. At this point, he donned the “famous” Campo pequino, leaving the shorts with a light punch on the opposite court.

Nuno Miguel completed the second catch of the night, on the first attempt, wearing the Amadores de Arruda dos Vinhos jacket.

Joao Moura Caetano – return permission
Nuno Miguel (GFA Arruda dos Vinhos) – return permission

First bull – Luis Nightingale – (Jorge de Carvalho – 500 kg)

The first bull to go out to the Arena Arroda dos Venus was the loser of a taming.
The bull, with his strong belief in the paintings, and so revealed from the start, made no facilities for the bullfighter of the Pegões.
Nightingale made the possible way, in a performance given to Antonio Ferreira.

Nuno Santos of Lisbon Amadores made the fourth attempt, a catch also awarded to a Spanish bullfighter.

Louis Nightingale – return permission
Nuno Santos (GFA Lisbon) – Unauthorized return

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TouroeOuro enters the live broadcast of the first bullfight at the Festas de Arruda dos Vinhos.
Knights Luis Roxinol, Joao Moura Caetano and the skilled Spaniard Antonio Ferreira were on the field for compliments.
A brief presentation of the pitchfork of the amateur groups of Lisbon and Arroda dos Venus was also shown, and in a moment the bulls from Jorge de Carvalho’s cattle ranch will be treated.

The celebration is moderated by Ana Pimenta, Technical Officer at Toromaqueca, with assistance from veterinarian Jose Manuel Lourenco.

The Praça de Toiros de Arruda dos Vinhos is not sold, and still has a large number of visitors.

Bullfighters Antonio Ferreira were honored for accepting the Portugal campaign and João Moura Caetano accomplished 15 years as a substitute.

It should be noted that the failure to observe a minute of silence in memory of the bull killer, rancher and businessman Fernando dos Santos, who died last Monday, however, the gag was corrected with a round of applause, after the compliments.

Note 1: The show began… later, claiming the company’s appetite for Covid tests or even a digital certification fair.

Note 2: TouroeOuro will not take pictures, in accordance with the decision of its Board of Directors, as it considers that the conditions set forth for this purpose are not worthy of a photo report having a minimum dignity.
We will only post a sample image of what we mentioned above.