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Campo Pequeno – September 23, 2021

2021-09-23 21:00:00

Sixth bull – Joao Salgueiro da Costa (vineyard – 582 kg)

The last party of the night was Joao Salguero da Costa.
The deal caught on with the music, but also with some choppy moments and less contact between genres, against Thor, let’s say, it wasn’t an easy “behaviour.”
The setup was carried out correctly, but without any fuss of victory.

The last catch of the night, belonging to the Grupo de Forcados do Aposento da Moita, was bound for Tiago Valério, where it was accomplished on the second attempt.

Joao Saljero da Costa – Permission to return, but only welcome
Thiago Valerio (GF Aposento da Moita) – return permission

Fifth bull – Francisco Balla (vineyard – 666 kg)

Francisco handled her well, evolving in concept and function, giving his performance pure splendor but with class. “Give” the straw because the opponent gave so little time at the time of the meeting, and the knight had to emit the emotions of the bull, who was constantly measuring …
Well think of it in the short citations, the snapshots, and in all the syllabuses.

Manuel Pinto, of Amadores de Alcochete, made a very good grip on the first try.

Francisco Balha – return permission
Manuel Pinto (GFA Alcochete) – return permission

Fourth bull – Duarte Pinto (vineyard – 648 kg)

Duarte Pinto dealt with the fourth bull, a bull that showed the ability to move but still had characteristics that must be surpassed.
Duarte Pinto walked with a good approach to his opponent, left good long distances and carried out regularly the short distances, in a job that turned out to be fun.

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Martím Cosme Lopes, hit on the first try, wearing an Aposento da Moita jacket.
Training provided to Jose Henriques.

Duarte Pinto – return permission
Martím Cosme Lopes (GF Aposento da Moita) – return permission

Third bull – Joao Salgueiro da Costa (vineyard – 530 kg)

João Salgueiro da Costa played an increasing role on his first visit to Campo Pequeno Square.
Willow left the correct long letters, to denote the “faena” in the short letters in which each Pandrella was raised in tone.
Shots of this kind were of an impressive standard, surrounding them and creating an uproar among the audience who went into action, appreciating the work of the bullfighter.

João Belmonte, of Amadores de Alcochete, had to complete the third catch of the night, making it the second attempt.

Joao Saljero da Costa – return permission
Joao Belmonte (GFA Alcochete) – return permission

The second bull – Francisco Balla – (vineyard – 588 kg)

After toasting the night, José Henrique and GFA Alcochete made an intermittent show also due to the status of his “enemy”, who was always ready to surprise.
Palha started out with great luck in the cage, doubling himself with the bull, emphasizing his good condition as a bullfighter and the good he interprets as his “luck”.
After that, the interest in handling well, meeting in a modified manner was evident, but things were not always optimal.

The first catch, responsible for Aposinto da Muita, was “in the arms” of his corporal Leonardo Matthias, on a good first try. Leonardo is toasting his grandmother who is here.

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Francisco Balha – Unauthorized return
Leonardo Matthias (GF Aposento da Moita) – return permission

First bull – Duarte Pinto – (vineyards – 596 kg)

Good performance for opening equestrian activities at night.
The first bull in the turn, he allowed himself to be handled without causing too much trouble, and the captive bullfighter took advantage of the characteristics of his opponent to put on an excellent performance.
After long stints, he went to a series of high-quality short films and perfect meetings.

Henrique Teixeira Duarte, of the Alcochete Amateurs, completed the third attempt, and toasting a corneteam, Jose Henrique.

Duarte Pinto – return permission
Henrique Teixeira Duarte (GFA Alcochete) – He didn’t turn around, even though he’s authorized


TouroeGold Latest Live!
This time and because it’s Thursday, we’re at Campo Pequeno to tell you everything relevant here.

The three declared contestants have already passed through the circuit: Duarte Pinto, Francisco Balha and Joao Saljero da Costa, as well as their own bands.

A glimpse of the Forcados collections was also shown, this time from Alcochete and Aposento da Moita.

In a few moments, the bulls from the Vinhas cattle ranch will be out in the ring.

The celebration is chaired by Tauromáquico Technical Delegate Tiago Tavares with the assistance of veterinarian Jorge Moreira da Silva.

The Campo Pequeno bullring has poor public entrance.

Note: Before the start of the celebration Cornetim José Henrique was honored, for having accomplished an ephemeris recognizing that there is nothing more, no less than 50 years fulfilling the task of implementing the various touches of the race.

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The Grupo de Forcados Amateurs de Alcochete, led by Nuno Santana, was also honored for its fiftieth anniversary.