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Campo Pequeno – August 5, 2021

2021-08-05 21:00:00

Sixth bull – Francisco Pala (Canas Vigoro – 628 kg)

The last performance on the night of the great Lisbon Bull was so coherent and Francisco hers stamped on it.
Another type of cage with a very good interpretation and a series of shorts, with a good level opposite to the pitton.

The last catch of the night was at the expense of João Prates, of Grupo de Couroche, and was accomplished on the first try.

Francisco Balha – return permission
Joao Prats (GFA Coruche) – return permission

Fifth bull – Marcos Bastinhas (Canas Vigoro – 630 kg)

Marcos Bastenhas’ second and final performance, on this hot night of the bulls, marked two distinct moments.
The first two consisted of good lengths and a series of commitment shorts, with “cambio” imposing on the bull’s face and loud cheers. The second, trying to give in to the desires of the audience, leaving half a pair of bands around, at a time when the opponent was already closing in on the boards.

Duarte Mira was responsible for the eventual acquisition of the Lisbon Group. Completed on the first try.

Marcos Bastenhas – return permission
Duarte Mira (GFA Lisbon) – return permission

Fourth bull – Antonio Telles (Canas Vigoro – 636 kg)

Antonio Telles built what increased performance in quality.
The bullfighter from Torrinha left the long rows with good scores, to gradually climb up in the short periods, tackle his usual class, collect professionally, and go out to finish the draw.

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Miguel Raposo, of the Grupo de Forcados Amateurs de Coruche, completed his second attempt.

Antonio Telles – return permission
Miguel Raposo (GFA Coruche) – return permission

The third bull – Francisco Balla (Canas Vigoro – 606 kg)

Francisco Balha was a composer for an excellent performance.
The cage, one of its best in recent years, had the bull out and positioned itself with the bullfighter, who did not give up even for a moment his initial intention. The shot was shortened at first, then … then a standing ovation, followed by others, for nailing the shorts with a fine performance.
An inspiring performance, with another bull contributing.

The third acquisition, responsible for training Lisbon, was carried out by Joao Varandas, on the first attempt.

Francisco Balha – Return and return authorized
Joao Varandas (GFA Lisbon) – Return and return authorized

The second bull – Marcos Bastinhas – (Canas Vigoro – 560 kg)

Marcos Bastinhas’ first performance tonight at Campo Pequeno was of a great standard and so it started with many carats.
At the cage door, Marcus greeted, with joy and trembling, another beautiful Canas bull. The long three were of great note, as well as the short, frankly well-executed.
Acting in flames, joy and applause from those present.

Antonio Thomas, of the Coruche amateur group, made the first attempt, the first hunt belonging to the formation in question.

Marcos Bastenhas – Return and return authorized
Antonio Thomas (GFA Coruche) – Return and return authorized

The first bull – Antonio Telles – (Canas Vigoro – 578 kg)

António Palha Ribeiro Telles opened tonight, regarding equestrian activities.
The veteran bullfighter has regularly performed on a positive tone, listening to music after nailing his short bond.
Showcasing the first bull to come out to the ring edition, with a trabium fitting for the country’s most important bullring.

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Vitor Epifânio, of the Grupo de Forcados Amateurs de Lisboa, made the first attempt, toasting the group he “rivals” tonight.

Antonio Telles – return permission
Vítor Epifânio (GFA Lisbon) – return permission


The fifth of August!
The day the season opens in Campo Pequeno, after many postponements, rescheduling, rescheduling…

Today has come and let’s enjoy it, because the future we dream about today could be completely different tomorrow…

The slogan seems to be “one day at a time”!

The race has begun and it will be here and as always at TouroeOuro the scene of the latest news on tonight’s show in Lisbon.

The artists have already passed the square, and it is tonight: Antonio Telles, Marcos Bastinhas and Francisco Balha.
A brief presentation of the pitchfork of the Lisbon and Corus groups was also presented.

The bulls will be handled from Canas Vigouroux, with the celebration directing led by Fábio Costa, with the help of veterinarian, Jorge Moreira da Silva.

Note: Before the start of the show, an application for the Tauromaquia of Portugal’s Cultural and Intangible Heritage has been submitted.

The bullring has a very good public entrance due to the restrictions imposed in times of epidemic, being very close to registering the maximum permissible capacity.

A minute of silence was observed in memory of João Cortesau, as well as all the victims of Covid, and the national anthem was sung, as everyone in the square and the audience attended “with one voice”.

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