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Bundesliga: Bayer Leverkusen v 1. FC Cologne

Bundesliga: Bayer Leverkusen v 1. FC Cologne

Friedhelm Funkels has gotten worse off starting his last rescue mission.

Senior coach Bayer Leverkusen lost the Bundesliga derby 0: 3 (0: 1). Severely threatened since he retired 1. F.C. Returned with Cole, but there was no spark in the exit battle. (Course of the game for reading)

Bayer re-reported his fight for Champions League qualification. Credit coach Hans Wolf reduced the team gap to fourth-placed Eintracht Frankfurt, who had six points after losing to Borussia Dortmund in the afternoon. (Bundesliga results and schedule)

Brightness: The results do not reflect the course of the game

Despite the obvious defeat, Fungal found good attitudes in his team. “Of course, the course of the game did not reflect a 3-0 victory. We did very well for a long time. But we did not score. We hit the post and cross three times. Jones Hector was wide and the first goal was unfortunate. A player slips away from us,” the coach analyzed. The sky.

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However, Fungal also spoke of obvious deficiencies in his colon. “When we scored the second goal, we acted foolishly, so you have to say it. We ran into a counter-attack even though we knew they had very fast players,” he said.

“We have no reason to hang our heads after this game. It’s good to bring the team to the pitch in terms of football, but the final result is 3-0. Tuesday against Leipzig 1. F.C. Funkel said he will challenge with Cole.

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Initially Leverkusen

Leon Bailey (5th) gave Bayer a lead. Bailey (76th) increased Moussa Diaby (51st) before clarifying everything. With their second win in the third game of the Wolf team, which was on loan from the DFP until the end of the season, Workshelp finished fifth in Borussia Dortmund (46) at least temporarily with 47 points. (Bundesliga table)

Cologne are in the final with 23 points for the ninth game in a row without a win. Interval for 16. Herta BSC three points ahead of upcoming games due to complete corona isolation. Fungal inherited the ousted Marcus Kistol on Monday and wants to save Tomstaders from being expelled with his experience.

Funkells’ “great anticipation” for his re-digging 447 days later quickly clouded: Diaby first slipped Jane Horn into the open and served Bailey perfectly on his soulful side in the distant post.

Cologne with good prospects

Leverkusen then surprisingly pushed back and gave Cologne several rooms. First Marius Wolf (19th) slipped over a cross in the penalty area, then FC captain Jonas Hector went next (20).

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Leverkusen, who had to do without young star Florian Wirts (admission issues) in midfield, remained unresolved. FC is dangerous. After Bayer captain Charles Aranguis was bitten by a wolf, referee Soren Storks (Velan) decided on a penalty (35th), withdrew it after a brief consultation with the VAR and gave a free kick as he was in contact outside the penalty area. Hector shot it against the crossbar (36th).

After the break, Hector missed his third big chance (48th), which was revenge. Bayer faced off in the home arena, passing Bailey Diaby, who got a second chance to stand Leverkusen free.

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FC did not give up and were still the best team. Florian Keynes forced Lucas Hirdecki to do a miracle (61st). Then Bailey attacked again.


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