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Burger King's solution to the potato shortage in Japan

Burger King’s solution to the potato shortage in Japan

Many of the potatoes consumed in Japan come from the United States. The eastern country, which is currently experiencing a shortage of stocks of this product, has sought a creative alternative and has found in ramen a solution that divides consumers.

In Japan there are more than 150 restaurants From the fast food chain Burger King. All of these institutions are affected by the potato shortage that the country is experiencing.

Tuber supply failure reason This is the main reasons for supply failure and high demand.

The brand had to find a replacement for the lost food and ramen appeared as an alternative, because Japan has this product on a large scale. The menus currently consist of a hamburger, a drink, and an array of crunchy ramen, which is a very popular snack in the country.

Crispy Ramen (file)

The international fast food chain in Japan named this change the name “Almost Potato Set”tell me CBS News.

This decision raises controversy Among the fans of the brand and many who admit that they do not continue to frequent the chain restaurants.

Before coming up with that solution, Burger King considered substituting traditional French fries for cooked ramen, grilled squid, or apple pie.

This issue Nothing new In the country, where other popular fast food brands have adopted potato alternatives. For example, in December, McDonald’s was forced to legalize the sale of small bites and fries for the same reason.

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