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Burial.  Needivet went near Kirubavki.  He was looking for food

Burial. Needivet went near Kirubavki. He was looking for food

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Police showed weekend pictures from the Dadra hills. Crowd on the streets and slopes

“There has not been such a person for a long time on the Tatar estate in Jakoban,” Jakoban police said on Facebook.

The bear was looking for food in Jakoban. Residents reported the incident to police

On the morning of May 29, police from the Tadra Mountains were called to the Tatar home garden in Jakoban, where, according to the report, a bear was walking down the street. Police patrols immediately found the location of the intervention, and traces of bear activity were very effective in this. According to them, they were sure that the garbage scattered in the street was caused by an animal. “A moment later, a bear came out and he hurried into the next property” – he informed the police on Facebook.

Police and Tadra National Park guards were on duty at the scene, urging residents to be vigilant and to properly dispose of trash cans. Bears are very sensitive and are great at detecting food scraps thrown in buckets or trash cans.

Datra Mountains. The bear family left part of the Kozhenikova Valley

Bear escape was recorded by surveillance. The animal returned home

Tracking from a nearby location Hotel Recorded a bear walking 600 meters from Kirubavki. Guards and guards from Dadra National Park arrived at the scene and took the bear into custody, after which he returned to his home – the forest TVN24.

Bear - Illustrative photoRomania. Prince Liechtenstein accused Arthur of killing the bear

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