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Bushido in tears: “Dad, I now know why the police are watching us.”

“Uncensored – Bushido’s truth”: Bushido in tears – “Dad, I now know why the police are watching us”

In his Amazon documentary, rapper Bushido gives an idea of ​​what his split with a Berlin clan boss means to his children. Taken for granted, he describes an experience with his eldest daughter.

“Uncensored – Bushido’s Truth” is the title of a six-part documentary series in which he reports on his argument with rapper Clan leader Arafat Abo-Sagar on Amazon Prime, while also providing insights into his family life. After the separation of his former friend and business partner Bushido, his wife Anna-Maria Fercicci and children have been in police custody for years.

In the fourth part of the documentary series, the 43-year-old, whose real name is Anis Fercicci, explains why, they deliberately do not want to explain in more detail to their children. “In November 2018, when safety measures were taken for my wife and my children, of course, due to age, we did not talk about the topic like that, especially in detail,” says Bushido, whose eldest daughter, Alia, was born in 2012. “At first our kids thought the police would help everyone – they still do. The police are good and take care of us. But she takes care of everyone.

Bushido’s daughter told him: “We must be abducted.”

But they could not completely hide the background of police protection from children. One day he went to school with them in the car. “Suddenly my daughter Alia says: ‘Oh, Dad, now I know why the police are always watching us.” He asked her: “Then why?” She replied: “Yes, they care about us because we have to be abducted.” That’s what the kids at their school said.

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Bushido’s wife says of her children: “They care more than you think”

When he asked her if the children who said that were not “mini spinnies”, she replied: “No, Dad, they are not spinnies, they have heard it on the radio.” It is clear that Bushido is struggling with his past. Has a direct impact on his children as well. His wife Anna-Maria insists: “They care more than you think.”

At one point the rapper comes to tears in the documentary. He describes how his daughter tore up a newspaper report about Apo-Sagar, who had long been “Mama Arafat” for Bushido’s children. A bad man “.

The documentary series began two weeks after the birth of Bushido and his wife’s trio. He now has seven children with Sarah Connor’s sister Anna-Maria. In 2012 a daughter named Alia was born, and a year later Digibril and Laila twins. Son Isa arrived in 2015. Anna-Maria also has another son from a previous relationship with former footballer Becca Lagerbloom.

The case against Apo-Sagar, Bushido’s longtime business partner, has been pending in the Berlin Regional Court for more than a year. It is about contempt, deprivation of liberty, attempted robbery, coercion and dangerous bodily harm. According to the indictment, the criminal offenses must have occurred because the clan chief did not want to accept his secession from Bushido. The rapper testified against him at trial.

Rapper Purified: “I’ve never been such a little Bushido”

Bushido, who has repeatedly violated the law, is being purged today. His focus is on his family, which he repeatedly emphasizes in interviews and documentaries. “The same people who care for our children today carry out home inspections,” he told the Editorial Network Germany (RND).

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When asked how much Bushido has left from the past, he replied: “It still exists … but trust me, I was never a little Bushido, but Anis Fercicci as I am today”. He added: “The whole stereotype of the evil gangsta rapper, attacking people, criminals and blah blah that determined my life back then is only the smallest part today, buried deep inside me somewhere.”

The legal issue is still on the agenda: on Thursday, a spokesman for the Botswana State Attorney’s Office confirmed that Bushido had been charged with suspected joint arson at the request of

According to the indictment, he hired two accomplices to set fire to the roof structure of his historic villa in Kleinmashno, east of Potsdam, according to the indictment. For example, it said he did not have to comply with monument protection regulations for the renovation of the villa and could seek compensation from the insurance company. The lawyer’s spokesman did not want to comment on the details.

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