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But after all, is Mario Jardel "clean" of drugs or not?  From consumption, trafficking and corruption to the "Big Brother" scandal - Mag

But after all, is Mario Jardel “clean” of drugs or not? From consumption, trafficking and corruption to the “Big Brother” scandal – Mag

On Tuesday night, even the most attentive viewers of “Big Brother Famosos” couldn’t believe what they were seeing: Mario Jardel — the former star, idol, recorder who made history — pulled down his pants and showed himself “as if he came into the world” on the full show. Live, unabashedly, “outside the discussion” – the following commentators have apologized. It could have been a deliberate episode or a caricature – as I later tried to hide – but it wasn’t. Mario Jardel was “relaxed”, oblivious to the cameras, when I stood naked in front of thousands of Portuguese. is it because?

How do we get here…

Let’s go back in time.

Nobody is from FC Porto or Sporting, and at one point in his life he shouted Jardel’s name when he was on the field. The scorer is considered a “savior” in any match. Mario Jardel marked Portuguese football. In Portugal, he scored goals and succeeded in whatever field he set foot.

The Brazilian player had the world ahead of him, but he had a cruel past on his back. He was born to a poor family in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará. His father died early, in his early forties, and he had serious problems with alcohol. With the death of her husband, the player’s mother succumbed to depression and drinking. The downward spiral that Gardel could not resist.

Mario Jardel’s best sporting moments

He received the Golden Boot, as the best European scorer, built a mansion in the city where he was born, helped everyone near him, But it was eliminated due to addiction.

cocaine torment

“Super Mario” was not loved for his addiction to cocaine. There were headlines in newspapers that gave an account of the black life of a person who had great promise for football. In an interview with TV Record, He told the Brazilian player how it all began and how he almost died from an overdose. “I actually drank. Then after I tried cocaine, I fell into this trap.”

The first time he publicly assumed his addiction was in 2008 and admitted that the consumption – although only for fun – lasted ten years, when he was still playing for FC Porto. “It was my first time here in Fortaleza. I didn’t live here, I was on vacation. I played for FC Porto [1996-2000]. I was in an excellent professional phase. Then came curiosity, that cocaine feeling.”

He went to play for Turkey and returned to Portugal. He received his second Golden Boot in 2002. Then came the disappointment: he was not called up to the World Cup. He really wanted to go and the news left him on his knees. To make matters worse, Jardel split from Karen Ribeiro. “The separation made me shiver, I admit I was weak.”

The destructive whirlpool has begun

. Cocaine became his greatest companion and greatest refuge during the holidays in his homeland. “I got into a tough phase, spent a lot of money, no responsibility, needy,” I cried. This was the beginning of the end of glory time.

It’s when he suffers an overdose that it almost steals his life. He was hospitalized and locked himself in the palace in Fortaleza. Missing his return from vacation in Lisbon, in Sporting, where he was playing at the time, Alvalad Club sends physical therapist Rodolfo Moura to Fortaleza to rescue the player. Locked in the house, with security guards, the door will not open. There was controversy after controversy and not even politics saved it.

Defender of money laundering, document fraud and criminal regulation

Years and years without direction. Jardel once again surprises everyone and everything when he gives an interview in which he announces that he will run for president in the October 2014 elections.. Marked by his history of fighting drug addiction, the former scorer asserted that he was “clean.” Emphasize that he is not interested in money and does not want to use politics to gain power. Mario Jardel did not lie:

“I advance because I need to keep my head occupied, that’s it.”

Now the question is: How did Jardel get into politics? Encouraged by ex-goalkeeper Darley, who also became a federal deputy, he persuaded the now-famous “big brother” contestant to run for vice state.

Mario Jardel as Vice

Although he did not or did not understand the subject, he was elected with 41,227 votes by the PSD. The party provided him with 21 advisers. But this new gamble he made also ended in disgrace. Suspended from his work as a deputy on suspicion of corruption. As part of the judicial investigation into the Gul Contra case, he was accused of money laundering, document forgery and criminal organization.

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Police information revealed that “Several irregular trips and vehicle use compensation were detected”By the agent’s mother, family members and money laundering advisors. There were also many registered “phantom employees” who were paid for services, and their money went directly to the accounts of the former football player.

Prostitution, associations and pawned goods

In addition to misappropriating funds from the Legislative Assembly to “pay off drug debts”, the Attorney General of Rio Grande do Sul stated that Gardel acquired Drugs almost daily, ostensibly call the dealer and have an orgy”The plaintiff said.

It was reported that Jardel was using the money diverted to parties with a prostitute, which he hired as a parliamentary advisor. “In the course of the investigation, she was eventually acquitted. But there was a period when he hired a prostitute for his office.”Dornelles announced, responsible for opening the investigation.

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The former player has a plan to come back: “Maybe he’s working in a big group.”

After this political scandal, the assets of the former player were confiscated. “After this situation in Porto Alegre, as a deputy… To this day, my assets have been frozen due to this situation. I gave up drugs, and I didn’t stop drinking not too long ago. You go to a barbecue, have a drink, take medicine. This is how Casagrande speaks in interviews. Arrived, you are known, you will have everything. Many things in life have genetic origins. It’s a daily struggle. But I know this life is not for me. I finish. I hope to stay that way for the rest of my life. I am sure that everything will work out, ”he said in an interview.

The sincerity of the church and the woman preserved it

In 2019, Jardel described himself as a rejuvenated man and claimed to have left his darker side behind. He rebuilds his life alongside his alleged future wife, Sandra Paula Aguiar de Sousa, and believes that faith saved him.

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The former Brazilian ace has become a follower of the Evangelical Church and believes that religion paved the way for his treatment. “I live in Fortaleza. I go to church three times a week. I work as a mediator for the players, taking them to Porto Alegre, Brazil and the world, especially Portugal. I stay on the phone, go watch the games. I live a social life with the right people. Some friendships must be broken. I am on a path with direction, very gentle, very peaceful, with spiritual peace. And I am so happy to be able to do this interview, revealing that I am a new person today. I go to the beach, to birthdays, to the cinema. I’m back to the life I lived before.”

Meet Sandra Souza, the woman who changed Jardel’s life

Jardel clung to his and his partner’s beliefs to quit drugs. “Five or six months ago I felt like I needed to change. I was taking a lot of medication for depression and started going to church. Everyone has their own religion, and it should be respected. My wife Sandra also helped me a lot. It’s a fight. It is not easy. I was very confident in my calmness and mental balance, and it strengthened me.”

Confident that he would win this fight, he made the “BB” challenger a target to show the world how different the man was. “I am in another life, and I am so happy to say that I have never felt so good. There has been such a drastic change, a massive transformation. Today I have so much faith in God, that it will keep me that way for a long time.” It’s a new life, no alcohol, no drugs, no prostitution. I’ve been off sleeping pills for four months. I am a renewed person And I am well aware that I can serve the community with this rescue, lectures, and various things slowly appearing.”

Jardel’s story does not end here. Inside Portugal’s most-watched home, the former player thanks TVI for the opportunity they gave him to put himself to the test, pushing his self-discipline to the limits…so far. Tears stream down her face out of gratitude and the battle that life has become upon her day by day. The question that inevitably arises is: For how long?

Will love