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Butatan performs new suite of serological tests to assess protection against CoronaVac in Serrana, SP |  Ribeirao Prieto and Franca

Butatan performs new suite of serological tests to assess protection against CoronaVac in Serrana, SP | Ribeirao Prieto and Franca

This Saturday (23) and Sunday (24) in Serrana (SP), the Putantan Institute is performing another phase of The second round of exam collection Project S Serology Service: Opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM in eight schools. (see sites below)

This part of the covid-19 mass vaccination study It assesses the immunity of the vaccinated population Two doses of CoronaVac.

At this point, only 3,903 volunteers who went to the Phase 1 collection points can participate, Held in late July and early August.

Those Who Already collected exams last weekend you will not need to perform the procedure again.

The first experimental group of Serrana volunteers indicated the presence of a Production of antibodies against Covid-19 in 99% of participants.

Now, everything will be followed until researchers try to determine how long the immunity from the CoronaVac vaccination will last and the need for new dose applications over the course of the months.

  • EE Garden of the Roses
  • Professor EE Neusa Maria do Bem
  • EMEF Professor Delcy Gonsalves Neto France
  • EMEF Professor Edésio Monteiro de Oliveira
  • EMEF Paolo Sergio Gualtieri Pettarello
  • EMEF Professor Maria Celina Walter de Assis
  • EE Deputy Jose Costa
  • EMEF Jardim Dom Pedro I

Escola de Serrana, SP, where residents were vaccinated against Covid-19 by Projeto S, from Instituto Butantan – Photo: JOEL SILVA / FOTOARENA / FOTOARENA / ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

Only through Project S, Serrana was vaccinated with two doses, 27,160 people over 18 years oldExcluding pregnant women, women who gave birth near the day of vaccination, carriers of comorbidities and those with Covid during research days in the city.

The results presented by Putantan after Project S showed that symptomatic cases fell by 80% after the two vaccination phases, as well as a 95% decrease in the number of deaths in the city in April and an 86% decrease in hospitalization.

For scientists, the epidemic was likely brought under control before other cities in the region after full vaccination Reached 75% of the volunteer group, which is equivalent to about 20,300 people.

This could have been noticed from the moment the blue group – the last to be vaccinated – was It already had benefits even before receiving the first dose of CoronaVac.

A health professional handles CoronaVac doses in Serrana, SP – Photo: Instituto Butantan / Divulgação

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