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In Baden-Württemberg gilt die Alarmstufe, womit die 2G-regel in vielen Lebensbereichen greift. Doch was gilt für dein Einzelhandel?

BW Retail Alert: 2G or 3G? This Corona rule currently applies to shopping in Baden-Württemberg

Those who have not been vaccinated in Baden-Württemberg should be prepared for sensitivity impairments starting this Wednesday. Once the Corona warning came into effect, they were largely excluded from participating in public life. Only those who have been vaccinated and are recovering now have access to cinemas, museums, swimming pools and other public events. Even those who can only show a negative test in restaurants or cafes should be outside.
But not all areas of public life are by measure. “2G“Affected. There are exceptions to the strict rules for body-hugging services such as hairdressing services, public transportation and religious services such as church services. Retail Apply 2G rule No.

At the level of alert now called in Baden-Württemberg, The 3G rule. Who does not Vaccinated Still Recovered Negative need Corona-test. However, one thing is enough Quick test For Not vaccinated. So nothing Mandatory PCR testing For Shop In Baden-Wurttemberg.

Businesses are exempt from the 3G rule Primary care Such as supermarkets and outdoor markets and pickup and delivery offers. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg, the basic services business includes:

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