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Cable Car Accident in Italy - Races Against Surveillance Pictures:

Cable Car Accident in Italy – Races Against Surveillance Pictures:

At the end of May, the cable car fell off the cable on its way from the small village of Stresa and above MotaronA mountain near Lake Maggiore in Piedmont, Italy.

On board were 15 people, 14 of whom died. The only person who survived the accident was five-year-old Eitan Biran from Israel, Who lost the whole family. He was released from hospital in Turin last week.

On Wednesday this week, a public surveillance video of the accident was shown for the first time. There you can see the moment when, just before the end, the carriage slips and hangs along the support cable at high speed.

The images were first published by the Italian channel Rai in a news broadcast, and since then they have been shown by a number of local media. It has sparked strong reactions in the country.

‘deep shock’

The Prosecutor of Verbiana, Olympia Bossi, according to BBC He described the post as “extremely shocking”.

In a press release, the public prosecutor stated that relatives of the deceased had not been notified of the publication.

The mourning process will not be exacerbated by actions like this, Bossi says in a press release.

The public prosecutor receives support from Mayor Marcel Severino, who was “shocked” by the decision to release the footage.

I don’t think it is suitable for victims and their families.

Hard Rescue Action: The accident occurred on Sunday on the cable car Stresa-Mottarone, a popular tourist attraction in the Piedmont region. Photo: Italian firefighters Vigili del Fuoco/AP/NTB
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In the broadcast of the Rai news, the cable car skidded completely. The clips have since been shown by a number of Italian media. Some only scraped the victims’ faces.

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The Italian data protection authority has previously urged users of media and social networking sites not to share the clips out of respect for the victims and their families.

Rai channel president Marcelo Foa said in a statement that the channel will evaluate the publication and its consequences.

Three people accused

Three people were arrested after the accident. The cable car engineer, manager, and chief of operations is accused of negligent homicide, negligent causing an accident, and disposing of equipment intended to prevent personal injury.

The prosecutor believes the three committed an “intentional act”, because the emergency brake must have been tampered with.

The Ministry of Transport in Rome previously stated that the accident appeared to have been caused by the smoking of a cable near the station.

Avisa La Stampa who also posted the surveillance photos, defending the post. They indicated, among other things, that they believed the photographs were an essential part of the prosecution’s evidence in the case.

– This shows what really happened in the terrible seconds that cost 14 people their lives. The newspaper wrote that the pictures, where the identities of the victims are hidden, are more powerful than a thousand words, and show how the intervention of the emergency brake can prevent the disaster.