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Cairat Almaty Benfica Futsal Champions League

Cairat Almaty Benfica Futsal Champions League

Game summary

Team Futsal Benfica left the Champions League after losing after extra time to Kairat Almaty (6-2) in the European Championship quarter-finals.

In the Kresimir Cosic Arena in Zagreb, Croatia, a Start with full gas, Such as Benfica is under very high pressure In defense and attempt to attack with goalkeeper Roncalio in the front area. still The first shots in the match were for Cairat Almaty, By Douglas Jr. in the first minute, taking advantage of Robinho’s lead by Roncalio, then by Orazov, in the 2th minute, to defend the Benfica goalkeeper.

Eagles L. replied Chishkala, to me 4 ‘, With the purpose The Great Higuita interferes. The next minute, the hour 5 ‘Great opportunity for Benfica. At Roncalio’s initiative, Higuita knocked out of the goal and tried to seize it, but the ball was left to The crocodile who didn’t open the recording just because Rangel walked away Above the goal line. Stop and respond and at 7 ‘In a corner kick, the ball is left for her Fernandinho, who nearly defeated Roncalio.

In the 11th minute, the Kazakh made the first foul and then a dangerous free kick in favor of Al-Ahmar. A lesson of giving and Humberto’s shot over the line, Henmei Target. After one minute, 12 ‘Free, new for Eagles and Chishkala, in the second, tests Higuita’s attention. Kairat Almati responded, L. 13 ‘, With Urazov appears facing RoncalioBut the Benfica goalkeeper defends by instinct.

Goal: 1-1

Tag has been moved, 15th’. Roncalio lost the ball to Gadia, along with Fernandinho, and he was the same He throws Gadia at the bottom of the net. 1-0 in Zagreb! A ball in the middle and .. a goal from Benfica. Find out how good the alligator does in the pivot position Afonso Jesus leans on the post and throws all four to count 1-1 (16 ‘). The red would have reached 1-2, in 18 ‘. Higuita denied Arthur’s attempts And in fullness it was Orazov hands over the body to Al Bayan to shoot Chishkala. a rest time He arrived with the result in 1-1.

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Part One Summary

Upon restart, the Kairat Almaty came out better And in the opening minutes of the second part, she added chances, namely through Gadia and Fernandinho shots Who did not escape the Benfica goal. to me 24 ‘, I was Edson The ball recovered and shot in the Benfica area, however Roncalio responded with a shot. Benfica found it difficult to stop the Kazakh transformations, and at the same time, 26 ‘, Benfica goalkeeper Gadia is forced to advance.

The Eagles tried to balance the discord and, in 28 ‘, Arthur launches a missile to defend Higuita. In answer, Douglas Jr.’s shot at Roncallio is superb (29 ‘). to me 31 ‘Oh 2-1 for Kazakhstan as a whole. Losing the ball by Fabio Cecilio, Edson recovered, and, face to face with Roncalio, he did not forgive. to me 32 ‘And the Kigwat goalkeeper Almaty Higuita has been sent off On charges of assaulting Chishkala.

Goal: 2-2

Playing with another component on the playing field, and Benfica had a sovereign chance to me 34 ‘. The ball has reached participating play, Tayebi And the Iranian international a Shoot the last goalSerikov is now defending him. It wasn’t there, it was the next minute (35 ‘), L. Thiago Britto, with a first shot With the right foot, the lower the wing. It was 2-2 In the Kresimir Cosic Arena! The transformation didn’t just come through obvious misfortune. Henmi ao poste auction Then Douglas Jr. eliminated the ball (38 ‘). At the end of the organizing time, 2-2 In the result. Overtime would have been played …

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Overtime started with A shot of clay To Roncalio’s tight defense (41 ‘). to me 43 ‘Losing the new ball to those led by Joel Rocha W. Humberto tried to aimBut the Benfica goalkeeper avoided an extension. to me 45 ‘Oh 3-2 by Tursagulov. Good job number 12 jersey on Thiago Britto, he turned around and shot ceremonies. There was still five minutes left in the second half of extra time for Benfica to turn around.

to me 47 ‘, Arthur made 6.ª is missing Of eagles, free of 10 meters for Almaty and the bounties Gadia Against André Correia he did not shiver and did 4-2. From here, Benfica risked a 5×4 race. to me 49 ‘Oh Benfica is not backing down because Serikov captured the ball Cross the line and on the counterattack Fernandinho scored 5-2. As the seconds passed, Urazov He got the ball back, started the red goal, beat everything and everyone else, and shot in favor 6-2 Final.

Cairat Almaty – Benfica
Kresimir Cosic Arena
The top five for Benfica
Roncalio, Afonso Jesus, Robinho, Chishkala and Tibi
André Correa, Sylvester Ferrera, Fabio Cecilio, Thiago Britto, Arthur, Raphael Henmei, Nelson, Jacquary & Fitz
At break 1-1
Scorers for Benfica
Afonso Jesus (16 minutes) and Thiago Brito (35 minutes).