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Caitlin Jenner - Commentary Shakes:

Caitlin Jenner – Commentary Shakes:

New York (Dagbladet): Jenner, 71, is one of three now fighting to become the Republican nominee in California’s extraordinary state governorships against incumbent Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom.

It is already very popular in the United States. First as an Olympic winner in Tecamp from 1976. And then as a celebrity in the reality series.keeping up with the Kardashians». Until 2015, her name was Bruce Jenner. She was married to Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, for 23 years before their divorce that year. In a wonderful article on Vanity Fair Then she emerged as a transgender person and changed her gender.

Now, however, Caitlyn Jenner receives harsh criticism after a short, spontaneous interview TMZ Saturday. Jenner was broadcasting the dog and visiting Starbucks when asked about the favorite controversy topic of several Republican politicians in several states recently. In state after state, they are proposing laws that prohibit children who are born biologically, but as transgender, from participating in girls’ sports.

Funny: Caitlyn Jenner is put off by a penis joke from her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Video: Comedy Central / Red Carpet
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It is a matter of justice. This is why I am against the biological, and transsexual boys, who are allowed to compete in girls’ sports. this is not fair. Jenner replies that we should protect sports for girls in our schools.

Don’t answer when a reporter asks whether this position doesn’t legitimize a transgender identity because they refuse to participate in sports with others of the same sex. Later, she defended the comment on Twitter.

On my flight I did not expect to be asked to buy coffee on Saturday morning, but I am clear about where I am. It’s a matter of fairness, and we must protect girls’ sports in our schools, writes Caitlyn Jenner Twitter.

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Olympiad victory: Bruce Jenner won the Tecamp men's race during the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Photo: Colorsport / Rex
WON OL: Bruce Jenner won the Tecamp Men’s Race during the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Photo: Colorsport / REX
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Currently, bills are under consideration in at least 28 US states that would weaken the rights of transgender people, according to Interested in the trade. They include proposals to ban transgender children from participating in sports with the gender they identify, and to ban doctors from providing medical treatment to transgender youth.

Only conservative Republican politicians are behind the proposals.

– He attacks the youth

But many react strongly to Jenner’s comments.

Transient youth are just trying to go to school, learn and play sports with their friends, like everyone else. There is no reason for elected officials to attack al-Shabab in this way. These days, we should make it easy to be in school and play sports, not more difficult, says the deputy director of the National Center for Gender Equality, Interested in the trade.

A review made by AP News Agency It also shows that the elected representatives introducing these bills are unable to indicate any local situations as this was a problem with including transgender people in girls’ teams.

Jenner supported then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016. However, in 2020, she did not vote for Trump in protest of his approach to cross-cutting issues.

– Counter trans

Now Jenner himself is accused of attacking young transgender people. And it is former Trump campaign manager Brad Pascal who is helping Jenner build a political team in California.

– Caitlyn Jenner is against the trans. She doesn’t understand the science, and she plays on the ignorance of the transgender people. I have absolutely no problem saying that Caitlyn Jenner supports and directly benefits from transphobia, as trans personality and activist Charlotte Clymer writes on Twitter.

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Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, describes Jenner’s statement as “absolutely ridiculous”.

It is disgusting that public figures will give credence to the laws of hate. Transients do not pose a threat to women’s sport. It is a fictional subject for short-term political gain. She says turning into a transform person is exciting Yahoo News.